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From a 100 year old Wada-Farm Kitchen to a 16,000 sq.ft FARMERS' MEGA KITCHEN

From a 100 year old Wada-Farm Kitchen to a 16,000 sq.ft FARMERS' MEGA KITCHEN

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It's time finally to announce this HUMONGOUS MILESTONE!

It's the story of Brotherhood, Community & Prosperity✌️🤗

We humbly open up our 16,000 sq ft, FDA approved standards, worldclass FARMERS MEGA KITCHEN (some ppl, do call it a factory). With your support wishes and love ❤️🙏

Checkout your 🙈Farmer's MEGA KITCHEN🔽🔽

Today, when we discuss business, haven't words like revenue, profits, cost of capital, return on capital, margins, etc. become the only lens to evaluate future prospects and execution?

    But for us it's always been about challenging the status quo, doing things for the reasons of the heart and executing from the experience of mind, has been traits of our gritty DNA.

    What started as a brave move of the Two Brothers, to quit their corporate careers and answer their calling of becoming fulltime farmers, slowly snowballed into our ancestral Wada, in our village Bhodani, Maharashtra. 

    We started small with the farmers market, experimenting with our traditional crops and recipes in the traditional kitchen, at our home.

    Never did we imagine that the baby steps taken in the rural and homely kitchen of our Wada, will turn into a giant leap of creating a Farmers Factory for Two Brothers, sharing good food to over 55+ countries and 1100+ cities.

    A State of the art, FDA approved Farmers factory with its own

    • Laboratory
    • Office
    • Canteen 
    • Nutrition Testing Lab Provision
    • Office Space employing the youth and women from our village.
    • Fully Water Cooled ( Lowering the CO2 Emissions)

    TBOFs Farmer factory is just 20 mins from our oragnic farm, with no chemical factories around, something that we consciosuly ensured for only the best natural food to reach your homes.

    Bonus being the forest to which our Farm factory is bordering to, one can frequently find deers from the jungle coming into our factory premises.

    A place optimised for its - 

    • Better human working conditions
    • Changing rooms
    • Canteens
    • Training space
    • Place to safely house our farmers raw materials
    • Place to adhere our strict quality
    • Quality Grading
    • Traditional processing
    • Inventory management.

    A Farmers Factory, a central hub to facilitate our promise of TRULY FARM TO HOME.

    Mayur Pawar, a farmer's son💪 and our hostel friend, who also stays in the vicinity and an ardent supporter of Two Brothers Organic Farms since its days of inception, has been one of the strongest force in making our Farmers Factory happen.

    When Mayur found out that we are looking for for a land in the region for Two Brothers Organic Farms Factory, he not just offered the land for our usage with nominal commercial expectation, but also helped us build our Farmers Factory 16,000 sq. feet infrastructure from scratch. 

    What motivated Mayur to do this?

    He wanted our capital and resources to be utilized for farmers and their prosperity, through the front end growth of our farmers business and not get locked in a heavy capex.

    Mayur also discussed with his parents that this venture might give a lower rate of return, but when they knew this is for Two Brothers and the larger farmer's cause behind this, they were happy to help and readily do this for us. And yes he did not do this for a great profiteering motive, it was done purely out of service.

    Mayur has been like a brother to us and support from well wishers like him only strengthens our resolve towards our cause of farmer upliftment and good food revolution.

    A glimpse into Two Brothers Organic Farms Farmers Factory, a small step in the right direction, towards Good Food with and for your families.
    Family + Farms has a new word attached now Friends - Friends who come together to work for a greater cause.

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