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Is Coconut Oil Good For Cooking ? Things You Should Know !

Is Coconut Oil Good For Cooking ? Things You Should Know !

Everyone is picky when it comes to selecting cooking oil, not just you! It's confusing to pick one when you are surrounded by a range of cooking oils in superstores or online stores. 

Especially coconut oil! There are so many variants: edible, non-edible, cold-pressed, wood-pressed, unrefined and refined. You probably begin to doubt whether is coconut oil good for cooking or not. 

Well, we are here to help you out! Take off the burden of investigating more about this oil. After reading this blog, you can make an independent decision about – Is coconut oil good for cooking?  

Let’s begin by looking at the health benefits of coconut oil and how it can be a healthy addition to your cooking.


Table of Contents
  • Coconut Oil Nutrition Facts
  • 5 Healthy Qualities of Wood-pressed Coconut Oil
  • 5 Benefits of Cooking with Coconut Oil
  • How to Use Coconut Oil in Cooking (Recipes)
  • FAQs: Is coconut oil good for cooking?
  • Conclusion

Coconut Oil Nutrition Facts

Coconut oil is rich in saturated fats. These are essential fatty acids, they help in several metabolic functions like the formation of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) etc. These are easy to digest and are an efficient source of energy. 

According to a report on Nutritional and Health aspects of vegetable oils published by ICAR, coconut oil has the following fatty acid composition.

Types of Fatty Acids in Coconut Oil 


Functions of Fatty Acid

Caprylic acid    


Antioxidant and antimicrobial functions

Capric acid


Anti-inflammatory properties

Lauric acid


Antibiotic and antiviral properties

Myristic acid  


It boosts skin barrier and stabilises oil structure

Palmitic acid


It helps in cellular functions and utilising energy

Stearic acid


Anti-inflammatory, moisturising properties

Oleic acid


Healing and Cell repairing properties

Linoleic acid


Reduces cholesterol, improves insulin sensitivity,        blood pressure

Arachidic acid


Helps improve immunity

Now, you see that these short-chain fatty acids are valuable to our health. What can be better than getting these fatty acids in your diet directly, instead of pills and tablets? 

But, nutrition is one thing, is coconut oil good for cooking? The answer lies below in the 5 healthy qualities of wood-pressed coconut oil. So, keep reading!


5 Healthy Qualities of Wood-pressed Coconut Oil

Not all oils are edible! Not all oil can withstand the variation in temperature during cooking, but coconut oil can. Just not that, these 5 qualities make it an ideal contender among the varieties of cooking oil.

High Smoke Point

The wood-pressed or cold-pressed Coconut oil’s smoke point is approx 180 degrees Celsius. Such a high smoke point makes this oil stable at high heat. The fatty acids chain does not break due to high heat or form any toxins. These are the benefits of frying with coconut oil. This also makes it the first choice of many consumers, who are looking for an unrefined coconut oil good for cooking

A Treasure Trove of Healthy Fats

Coconut oil is made up of saturated, but healthy fats. That’s true! 

A few fatty acids found in coconut oil are caprylic acid, capric acid, lauric acid, myristic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, and linoleic acid. All of these fatty acids have several health benefits like lowering cholesterol, regulating blood sugar levels, relieving digestive issues, improving skin and hair health, etc.

Flavourful and Aromatic

Coconut oil has a rich aroma and sweet-nutty taste. From the culinary world to the light and relaxing world of aromatherapy, it has only filled our lives with wellness. 

The food cooked in wood-pressed coconut oil has a delicious flavour and can instantly remind you of a beachy vacation. 

Coconut Oil Good For Cooking Because it Supports Healthy Gut, skin and Hair 

Unrefined Coconut oil is good for both ingestion and topical application. The world is not unknown to its qualities of improving gut health by aiding digestion, and absorption of nutrients.

Do you know coconut oil fats are easily digestible, putting less stress on the liver and pancreas? Well, that’s why they are good for us.

Can you forget what coconut oil does to your hair and skin? It takes away frizz, manages dandruff, controls hair fall, clears scars, moisturises skin, improves gum health and so on.

Wood-pressed Coconut Oil: An Essential Cooking Oil 

Wood-pressed or cold-pressed coconut oil is a part of cooking recipes for ages. Sweet, savoury or Umami, you can use it to whip up the flavour of your choice. 

It goes well with several cuisines and has become a trendy oil to create fusion dishes, where the flavours of the East meet the West. Thence, coconut oil is coming back on the kitchen shelves; as an all-purpose oil for frying, sauteing, salads, baking, etc.  

Is coconut oil good for cooking? These 5 benefits of coconut oil will clear this doubt once and for all!

5 Benefits of Cooking with Coconut Oil

Is coconut oil good for cooking or why cook with coconut oil?  Learn about these 5 benefits of unrefined coconut oil to choose it over any other oil for cooking.

No Fear of Losing Nutrients To Heat (high smoke point)

The problem faced with butter and other unrefined oils like olive and sunflower oil is that they burn easily, releasing toxins in food and destroying the nutrients and flavour. 

Fortunately, coconut oil sways away that worry and stays stable at high heat. The food cooked in coconut oil is full of nutrients.

Coconut Oil Enhances Food Flavour

Is coconut oil good for cooking? The sweet and nutty flavour of wood-pressed coconut oil makes the food delicious. It brings out the flavours of spices beautifully. Even the plain chips fried in coconut oil taste yummy, and the kids love them!

Unlike many refined and unrefined oils like olives, coconut oil flavours are not overpowering and easily blend with recipes. So, you can replace your regular oil with coconut oil without hesitation.

Wood-pressed Coconut Oil’s Scope is not limited to Indian Cuisines 

Coconut oil is used in Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean and Continental cuisines. With increasing awareness about its health benefits, coconut oil is slowly making its place in the cuisines of various countries. 

Many people question: Is coconut oil good for cooking spiced curry, or sweet and mild gravy dishes? Well, absolutely!  And for those who love seafood, coconut oil enhances the flavour without overshadowing its natural taste.

If you are thinking,  is coconut oil good for cooking pasta? Absolutely! Arabiata, pesto or Bechamel, cook your favourite pasta sauce in coconut oil and enjoy. 

Ideal for all types of Cooking Techniques

Unrefined Coconut oil is very versatile when it comes to cooking techniques. It absorbs the flavours of spices, veggies and protein in it well, and gives a mouthwatering dish. 

  • Deep frying in Coconut Oil
  • Who doesn’t love fried food? You will love it more when it is loaded with healthy fats and not lard! Yes, use coconut oil to deep fry chicken, fish, Manchurian, your momos or the regular french fries and pakoras/fritters.

  • Baking In unrefined Coconut Oil
  • How about desserts? Replace your regular oil with coconut oil in baking and make healthy cakes and muffins. 

  • Saute veggies and cook curries in coconut oil for cooking a nutritious meal.

  • If there is still the doubt,” Is coconut oil good for cooking?” not leaving your head? See the benefits it has to offer.

    Wood-pressed Coconut Oil Offers an Array of Health Benefits

    Let’s keep it short and simple!

    Unrefined coconut oil helps humans in many ways when used in cooking or taken in as it is. Here are a few.

    • Wood-pressed coconut oil is rich in antioxidants and possesses anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-ageing properties.
    • The healthy fats of coconut oil help lower bad cholesterol and are good for heart health.
    • It also helps with fatty liver, constipation, indigestion and insulin resistance.
    • Coconut oil keeps the teeth and gum healthy by preventing bacterial growth in the mouth.

    No doubt people are acknowledging the goodness of coconut oil and using it not just in beauty regimes, but in cooking too!

    So, why don’t you give unrefined coconut oil a try? Alright! Let’s find more inspiration to add this oil to your pantry. 

    How to use coconut oil in cooking 

    Is coconut oil good for cooking your favourite Indian dishes? Can you use it to cook vegetarian, non-vegetarian or vegan dishes? Is it suitable for vegan diets? The answer to all of the above is – Yes! 

    To add more, here are a few more ways to use wood-pressed coconut oil in several ways.

    • Use it for marinating paneer, veggies, etc.
    • Use it as a salad dressing or to prepare chutneys/condiments to give with dishes.
    • Try it out in barbeque to give a sweet nutty charred flavour to proteins or veggies.
    • Do a dessert: bake a cake, cookies, tea bread or crispies.  

    FAQs: Is coconut oil good for cooking?

    Is virgin coconut oil  good for cooking?

    Yes, it is healthy to use coconut oil, or any edible oil in moderation. To keep it under control, mix your oils, and cook different dishes in different oil to balance out the nutrition. More on: is coconut oil good for cooking or not is discussed above.

    What is the healthiest oil for cooking?

    Cooking involves sudden rises and falls in heat. Not all oils are stable enough to tolerate it. Unrefined coconut oil is rich in saturated fats that are stable and also easily digestible. This property makes coconut oil good for cooking. You can use it to fry, deep fry, barbeque, bake, or in any kind of cooking. 

    Other oils to create a healthy bunch of oils for your pantry are ghee, groundnut, safflower oil, sesame and mustard oil.  

    Is coconut oil healthier than olive oil for cooking?

    Both oils have different kinds of fats. However, the one factor that gives an edge to coconut oil is its high smoke point and stability. That are the major benefits of cooking with coconut oil.Olive oil loses its nutrients and taste at high heat and is only suitable for low-heat cooking. Therefore, if you ask: Is coconut oil good for cooking? Yes, it is with a lot more usage than olive oil! However, both have different purposes and should be used as per the preference.

    Can we heat virgin coconut oil?

    Yes, virgin coconut oil can be heated.

    What are the benefits of consuming coconut oil ?

     Consuming coconut oil can offer benefits such as improved heart health, weight management, and potential assistance in fighting infections, thanks to its unique fatty acids.

    Coconut oil - Why is it good for you? 

    Coconut oil is considered good for you due to its unique fatty acids, which can have positive effects on heart health, metabolism, and immune function. It's a versatile oil with various health benefits.

    What's the nutritional value of coconut oil?

    Coconut oil, sometimes referred to as "nariyal oil," is rich in healthy fats. It contains about 120 calories and 14 grams of fat per tablespoon. It's called "nariyal oil" because "nariyal" is the Hindi word for coconut.


    Is coconut oil good for cooking, is an attempt to highlight the goodness of this rich source of nutrients and ancient oil. This oil can be used not just in old traditional recipes. But also goes well with today’s new recipes and cooking techniques.

    We wish to remind you that for best health benefits use the cold-pressed or wood-pressed coconut oil, not the refined one!

    Since you are here, why not check out the unrefined wood-pressed coconut oil .It’s traditionally made using a wood presser that uses the least heat required to extract oil from coconuts. Also check out Coconut oil recipes for Summer 2023: Sizzling Summer Recipes

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