दही से बना घी
Ghee made from Yoghurt (Curd)

A2 Cultured Ghee

The TBOF Desi Ghee is Bhodani (our village) for you in a bottle! It has nuance. It has character, a retro personality of its own.

Here is a food that was born during the time of sages in our country, and in that age it owned sacred corners in kitchens and 'vaidyashaalas' and was exalted to a glorious position among the 'Pancha-amruts'. Several thousand years have gone by and it's so fascinating that the sages and rishis of yore called Ghee the very 'elixir of life' (producing Ojas - reinforcing immunity and awareness)

At TBOF, we follow the traditional and ancient practices that our ancestors followed

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Ashwagandha Ghee

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Freely Grazed Native Breed Gir Cows

Our cows are our true wealth. We practice desi-cow based regenerative farming.


It’s a great job by Two Brothers & Team in providing the authentic ghee made in traditional way from divine desi cows. It’s rare to get such pure ghee which I was looking from a long time.👏🙌.

Ratikant Santpure Pittsburgh, USA

I loved this ghee to the core of my heart! The effects it has on absorbing fat-soluble vitamins, on brain, and overall wellness is incredible. Jai Hind! 😊


I am a regular customer of Two Brothers Organic. The products are of high quality and my whole family loves them. Thanks a lot for providing trustworthy organic products.


I use this A2 ghee liberally while preparing meals for my baby who has just started solids and one dollop of this gorgeous heavenly smelling ghee makes her eat every last drop!

Anindita Jha

I was suffering from fissures for a long time. Once I started having the organic desi ghee, my fissures were automatically cured. It's such a blessing.

Swati pohekar

Good quality ghee. I was using A2 ghee from another brand, but it always left a burning sensation in my stomach. So, I decided to change to TBOF A2 ghee. I must say that it has cured my digestion and acidity problem.

Annette Parmekar

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