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A2 Cultured Ghee

The TBOF Desi Ghee is Bhodani (our village) for you in a bottle! It has nuance. It has character, a retro personality of its own.

Here is a food that was born during the time of sages in our country, and in that age it owned sacred corners in kitchens and 'vaidyashaalas' and was exalted to a glorious position among the 'Pancha-amruts'. Several thousand years have gone by and it's so fascinating that the sages and rishis of yore called Ghee the very 'elixir of life' (producing Ojas - reinforcing immunity and awareness)

At TBOF, we follow the traditional and ancient practices that our ancestors followed

Why Choose

Freely Grazed Native Breed Gir Cows

Our cows are our true wealth. We practice desi-cow based regenerative farming.


#GharLaaoGhee - Curated Recipes

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