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Ashwagandha Ghee, A2 Cultured 250g

Ashwagandha Ghee
Ashwagandha Ghee, A2 Cultured
Ashwagandha Ghee, A2 Cultured 250g
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Ashwagandha Ghee Features
Ashwagandha Ghee Benefits
How is Ashwagandha Ghee made?
Ashwagandha Ghee nutritional value
Ashwagandha Ghee, A2 Cultured 250g

Ashwagandha Ghee, A2 Cultured 250g

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Gir cow cultured ghee, fortified with sustainably grown Ashwagandha.

Ghee is clarified butter which is slow cooked over a fire which allows the fat solids to separate. The liquid part is skimmed off and poured into sterile jars. It is fortified with sustainably grown Ashwagandha. This ghee enhances the herb’s bioavailability by carrying the healing properties of the herb into deep tissues of the body.

Ashwagandha ghee helps improve weight, especially beneficial for children. Helps improve This product contains no additives, and is free from artificial preservatives, synthetic fillers, or binders. 100% natural, farm made .

Pregnant and lactating women should consult their doctor or vaidya before starting herbal supplements. This product is not intended to replace medical advice or treat any conditions.

Customer Reviews

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Very good

Slightly bitter but potent enough I believe.

ludwig zehetner

Ashwagandha Ghee, A2 Cultured 250g

Nam Radha
Love the authenticity.

I never imagined that living in USA , I can get access to the best ghee in the world. I have tried other brands which were not original ghee. Finally found the real ghee and amazing flavors of infused ghee as well.

Nimesh Rai

Sir, i didnt receive the products only. The agent dropped the parcel at some other location and called me that he’s keeping it at my gate. But i didnt find it. Agent’s number is also not reachable. Kindly look into the issue.

Gaurav Chaudhry

picture describing how is ASHWAGANDHA GHEE prepared don't matches with the ingredient list.

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