शायरों की महफ़िल

शायरों की महफ़िल

The tales of शायरों की महफ़िल taking over The Studio @ Two Brothers Organic Farms, Delhi Store🌝🌝

poet , songwriter , producer , sangeet , evening music , unplugged , soulful

उस दिन मज़े की बात थी…🤍

मौसौंम शायराना था, आम शायर थे और ख़ास शायरी थी

जमके जज़्बातों की महफ़िल सजी, ख़यालों को अलफ़ाज़ मिले और अफसानों को ठिकाना... 🌼🤍

हसीं के ठहाके थे, ख़ुशी की गड़गड़ाहट थी और कुछ लोग थे।🤗

उस दिन बातों में कविता थी…।🤍🤍

Saumya Kulshreshtha @saumyakul a writer who is a bit of a poet, a traveller, performer and the one donning many hats and Satvik Sakar @satviksakar , a Singer, Songwriter and Producer, weaved together an evening of लब्ज़, धुन और संगीत! 💖

Acts that turned impromptu mattress advertising pitches into a funny skit.

Words that wondered about Men!

Men with tender eyes and hearts with a protest voice. Poetic, unpoetic, confused, wonderful, improper, wise and all kinds. Men who have to say a lot, strong but sacrificial, the poetry asks men not to let Patriarchy win. Words for a few men among many who played a role in the poet's life. 🙂

Love for music and poetry was in the air, with unplugged and soulful performances.

इरशाद 🙏

THE COLLAB STUDIO @ Two Brothers Organic Farms Offline Experience, Delhi, Chattarpur

Shout-out to all the creators, performers, artists, sustainable champions, comics, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, artisans and everyone who needs a creative space to express, connect and collaborate among like minded spirits. Yes, like true creative expression, IT'S FREE!

This week it was poetry, come find out what's next at THE STUDIO!