Frozen Ghee Cubes - Simple Hack to Preserve Fresh Herbs in Season!

Frozen Ghee Cubes - Simple Hack to Preserve Fresh Herbs in Season!

Summer is the season for pickling, sun drying and salt packing fresh ingredients so that it can be used for a longer period of time. Eating seasonal foods when fresh has immense health benefits. Some foods can be preserved and eaten throughout the year as per ancient pickle recipes but there are foods which are delicate and fragile and need to be preserved the right way to be consumed in a week or two.

Not all foods can be preserved but those that can be ‘frozen in time’ must be given a chance because it is not always possible to consume large quantities of fresh produce when in season.

brahmi ghee for good health

When it comes to seasonal herbs, the shelf life is very short. In fact they don’t extend to more than a few days. When harvesting a bunch of dill for example, we need to buy the entire bunch from the farmer because it’s not feasible to buy a few sprigs. Even when wrapped in damp cloth and refrigerated, the green does tend to fade to an ageing yellow. In addition to that, the sharp aroma and flavour of the herb is such that we only need to use a specific portion in each dish, when cooking for the family.

So what do we do with the rest? The answer lies in freezing it the right way. The cold air of the refrigerator or freezer tends to discolour freshly picked herbs. But freezing it in desi ghee is a smart and effective alternative.

The pairing of dill with ghee is delicious when used to flavour family favourites like a potato fry or even a light ghee rice. When the cleaned and snipped herbs are frozen in the fresh stage, all it takes is a cube or two, at the time of cooking to infuse the flavours into the vegetable or grain of choice.

uses of brahmi ghee in daily food

Have you tried this technique? It is simple to do, saves a lot of repeated buying of seasonal herbs and no one has to worry about finding different ways to use up the herb all at once.

Add frozen ghee cubes to your smart cooking list and share this easy kitchen hack with your fellow gourmands!

We have used Brahmi Ghee here for our frozen Ghee cubes with Dill as Brahmi Ghee is the perfect addition to your kitchen for the changing season, especially during Monsoon which is the time of the year, as per Ayurveda when one must take preventive care seriously. We are most vulnerable to infections during this time of the year.

Why should you have Brahmi Ghee?

  • Source of beneficial antioxidants, good for your Immunity in the monsoon.
  • Known to improve Memory, focus and concentration among children.
  • Good for the Heart and Regulating Blood Pressure.
  • Beneficial for digestion, hair and eyes, against stress and anxiety

Benefits of Brahmi Ghee recommended in Ayurveda. Brahmi is a very ancient herb that was used by the sages back in the day to empower the brain. Brahmi Ghee hence is a brain tonic and highly recommended for growing children.

Organic brahmi ghee by two brothers organic farms

How is Brahmi Ghee made at TBOF?

  • Happy Cows, Healthy Ghee! Gir Cows freely graze on our Organic farms, feeding on the finest pastures as they please.
  • A2 desi Ghee is made of 'Makkhan' churned from Curd, using milk of Native Gir Cows.
  • Brahmi Leaves concoction ‘Kaadha’ is cooked on Woodfire and then again with our A2 Cultured Ghee, infusing the goodness of the Brahmi Herb into the Ghee. It gets reduced to  the beautifully textured Brahmi Ghee! 


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