We've Got A New Look! Here's What's Changed and What's Not!

We've Got A New Look! Here's What's Changed and What's Not!


So thrilled to share with all of you the new visual identity for our brand, a project we had all been slowly working on for the last year! Looking at our journey so far, it's been one hell of a ride, rocky roads most of the time, but we somehow made sure we were enjoying the ride! :)

We hope you love the new elements just as much as we do!


Well, we were evolving as a business. In the last few years, we have learnt how consumers pick and connect with brands that share their values; somehow our visual identity wasn't stacking up to what makes us unique as a farmer-owned, made-in-India brand!


This makeover sure does not change who we are and how we approach our work, but it sure realigns many aspects of our "visual identity" with our future goals.


We now have brand colours, striking imagery - with illustrated labels for products, new photography, a snappy, power-packed website that documents a lot of info about our work and journey so far, bolstered technology that allows you to browse and place your orders in a jiffy even when using low bandwidth connections. We think we owe all of this to our conscious and mindful customers.


... and various design features that work in 'visual harmony' to create a recognizable framework that is creative, expressive and memorable!

We have a new logo - no drastic changes, a cleaner, simpler look this time. The new colours are connected to our story - the dark reddish-brown will serve as a humble reminder of our source, the SOIL that remains our starting point, the succulent dark green is inspired by the 'green philosophy' of growth that we champion through regenerative natural farming. The beige is a representation of the simplicity and humility we always strive for!

This makeover celebrates many more aspects of the brand with confidence. Besides the traditional aspects and slow grace of village life, we are also people who have our share of fun! We invite all of you to join us in welcoming this new wind of change as we stand poised and refreshed to take on a new chapter. 

Revamped Packaging

The products have new labels and stickers on them in sync with our new brand colour palette. The seal stickers on the bottle-lids that run all the way to the bottom provide a seal of quality assurance for all our products that are made with love.

Every single product is tested for Nutritional info and the lab reports have been linked to the QR code printed on the label.

A snappy, stunning website with bolstered technology

We have a whole new website with a lot of info - letting you into more intricate details of our work. Navigation now, is way more easier; all our products are now categorized and switching between these segments is possible right from the Menu bar on the homepage.

We planned and pulled off a full fledged photoshoot at the farm; many of these pictures are published on the website. We can't wait for you to check it out and let us know your feedback. 


Life in the pandemic world has brought in its share of challenges, some of which haven't been easy getting around. It's not been easy keeping a small business afloat, but despite all this, we write to you with hope in our hearts and a twinkle in the eye, feeling absolutely thrilled about what's to come….! 

#TBOFReloaded is Not just about a new logo, gorgeous looking products, new website and merchandise, but beyond the initial launch excitement, it was always about enabling a system that uses design and imagery to reflect the brand ethos.

What's not changed?

While all this is happening, as you continue to support our small business, pls know that we remain unchanged at heart!

We still grow our crops, hug our cows and stick our labels on every bottle with our hands - somethings won't change! :)

The Team

We have no words to thank team UNIFYND for this milestone that we accomplished together.

Sascha implemented a framework and direction for us when we couldn't figure out where to start, Shubhi's team cracked our design language, Rohan led the website rehaul and Jash who always kept connecting the dots to lead us to solutions.  
So grateful to this winning team for this milestone achieved together, for honouring our history and lineage, for helping the vibrant collective identity of our community shine through this new avatar and also connecting us to the vision we have for the future! 
This wouldn't have been possible without our in-house champions who committed endless days and nights to problem solving, ground work, innovation and toil, they always brought their A game to the table and kept believing that every bottleneck was only a bend in the road and not the end of it! 
Shubham & Bhargav owned all the action and ground-work especially on launch day, we worked 11 pm to 6 am without a break - multiple teams collaborating in real time to help them navigate through implementation and migration of content. 
Akash and Aditi who evaluated multiple vendors for primary secondary and tertiary packaging and found the best solutions for us, always maximizing our limited resources. They coordinated the lab testing of every product as per the legal guidelines, managed inventory planning and execution to phase out old stock and ensure our new products made their way into the warehouse and to our retail partners. 
Parag made sure the farm teams were in sync with all the developments, Dhairyasheel managed our photoshoot on the ground, few times all by himself and other times he worked with external teams to produce stunning photography that captures #LifeontheFarmside .
Shanthini wrote for the new product pages, and Saurabh & Tanvi supported our design requirements. Divya continues to bring all our stories to you in her own words and wrote every piece of communication that you'll experience - from the labels to the website, social media, merchandise and packaging. 
We are so grateful to have taken this road with these amazing people who make us so proud. Excited about the future and absolutely overwhelmed seeing the response from friends and our community.

We are nervous, just as much as we are excited! (Feels weird!) But we'd love to make this a party, join in our celebration!

So here's promising special gifts to all of you who will join us!

Post your pics with our products every time you receive your shipment, share them on Instagram and tag us!

Use our new hashtags #TBOFMAKEOVER #TBOFreloaded #NewLookSameTaste - tag our page and be ready to receive little goody bags from the farm, all month long (July-Aug 2021)! Yayy! :)

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  • Gautam Bora

    I have the same dream of starting and making a difference in organic foods so that people really understand the benefits of healthy food. I am from Guwahati and wanted to build a strong presence in my native village just 20 kms away from Guwahati city. While I have lot of thoughts plans in mind but real challenge is coming in execution as I don’t find like minded person in this journey. Please help and guide me to make the first step… in anticipation of a favourable and speedy response

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