10 Health Benefits of Including Moringa Powder in Your Diet

10 Health Benefits of Including Moringa Powder in Your Diet

Have you heard of Moringa yet? Perhaps not, because this one has just begun to rise the charts of popularity in the green world, and many people don’t yet know what wonderful qualities it possesses.

Moringa Oleifera is a plant with leaflets of small rounded leaves in dark green, the tree that also gives us chewy drumsticks. It tastes a little like spinach greens but is much more nutritious. Recent scientific research on Moringa tells us that Moringa is literally more of everything! Moringa powder contains antioxidant content equivalent to matcha. It has more vitamin C than oranges and twice more protein than milk!

There’s a long list of health benefits; this is just the beginning! So be with us as we go over the amazing qualities and all the benefits that Moringa will bring if you add it to your diet!

Health Benefits of Moringa Powder

Replenishes nutrient stores

Moringa powder is a literal storehouse of nutrients that is rich in all the essential nutrients. It has 3 times more iron than spinach— necessary for the growth and development of our bodies. Moringa leaves contain 25% protein, among the highest found in plants, which aids muscle growth. It is also rich in calcium and potassium that build bones. And what’s even more impressive is that Moringa consumed in any form has a high bioavailability of all these nutrients, so they have a more significant active effect on our body. If you’re eating it every day, there is no need for supplements!

Energy Boost

You can call Moringa a powerhouse of energy. Consuming Moringa as part of your daily diet will keep your energy levels up, and you will never feel tired. Because it’s especially rich in iron and magnesium, it helps fight tiredness, fatigue, or weakness. Therefore, it’s also particularly healthy for those suffering from anemia or weakness and is a natural cure for malnutrition.

Fighting free radicals

Moringa contains an abundance of antioxidants that fight off free radicals that cause oxidative stress, cell damage, and premature skin aging. The plant leaves are rich in antioxidant compounds such as ascorbic acid (also known as Vitamin C), flavonoids, polyphenols, and beta carotene that work as an antidote to all such issues.

Good Heart health

Moringa can reduce cholesterol and contribute towards reducing the risk of heart disease. A lab study suggests that moringa leaf powder effectively reduces lipids and glucose levels and can help conditions such as hyperlipidemia when your blood has too many lipids (or fats) such as cholesterol and triglycerides.

Improved Gut health

Moringa powder is excellent for digestive health. It is rich in fiber and contains up to 30% fiber that helps regulate digestive function and relieve constipation. It also possesses anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that take care of our gut against pathogens and infection-causing bacterias.

Dietary fiber found in this miracle plant also keeps you full for a long time. Try a healthy green smoothie made with Moringa powder for breakfast and see for yourself!

If you want to lose weight, Moringa powder in a glass of warm water every day or a fitness smoothie can help you achieve your weight loss goals. The powder made from its leaves contains compounds like chlorogenic acid, which work as antioxidants and reduce blood sugar levels and act as a natural fat burner that can aid in losing weight naturally.

Supports liver functionality

Moringa also aids our body’s natural detoxifier, the liver, in flushing out toxins. It can help give your body an overall cleanse, flush out toxins and make the body more resistant towards them.

Lowers inflammation

In vitro studies have found that Moringa has excellent anti-inflammatory qualities that can lower inflammation in cells. Isothiocyanates and polyphenols all contribute towards reducing inflammation and suppressing inflammation-causing enzymes.

Lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure

Moringa contains a chemical compound that scientists believe causes a reduction in the rise of blood sugar levels, as seen in a study where a group of women consumed Moringa powder along with amaranth powder for three months and found a significant decrease in fasting blood sugar. You can safely try Moringa as it is good for a diabetic diet.

Quercetin found in Moringa powder, a powerful antioxidant, also helps lower blood pressure and keep it under check. If you are consuming Moringa as part of your daily diet, this is just one of the benefits you get for free.

Fighting stress

Moringa is also a powerful adaptogen that helps resist and cope with physical, mental, and environmental stressors. Moringa tea can be a great alternative to daily coffee or tea, which contains caffeine to elevate cortisol levels rather than lower them.

Building immunity

Eating Moringa in the long term brings the benefit of boosting your immunity. Because Moringa is such a rich source of all essential nutrients that help build our bones and body, immunity builds automatically, enabling you to enjoy (enjoy, and not exploit, so this doesn’t mean indulging in unhealthy practices) your health to the fullest.



Did you know that the Moringa Oleifera plant is native to India? In so many countries, Moringa is only available in the form of capsules and supplements that provide only a small amount of nutrients that this whole superfood contains! Aren’t we Indians lucky to have this miracle herb growing on our land?

Moringa offers a wealth of nutritional and health benefits that have no match; it would be sad to leave it out of our diet. Moringa is a great choice for vegans to fulfill their requirement of proteins. Moringa leaves can be used in salads, hummus, and curries easily; chop and garnish them in your dishes and enjoy! Moreover, it is a versatile green that can be easily added to any dish if you use the powder. For greater use in a variety of ways in your kitchen, use Moringa Powder. Get Moringa Powder Online from a brand you trust today and add the green to your diet.

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