Moringa Powder, Chemical-Free Lab-Tested 100 gms
Moringa Powder, Chemical-Free Lab-Tested 100 gms

Moringa Powder, Chemical-Free Lab-Tested 100 gms

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Native variety moringa leaves,naturally dried to preserve maximum nutrition


Powder made from naturally dried moringa greens

Specific storage info

Store in an airtight container in a  cool dry place


This product contains no additives, is free from artificial preservatives, synthetic fillers or binders. 100% natural.



Antioxidant rich

Rich in vitamins and minerals

More Vitamin C than citrus fruits

Contains calcium,protein,iron and amino acids

Protects from cell damage

Prevents malnutrition

Protects against arsenic toxicity

Protects the liver

Beneficial during lactation

It is anti-inflammatory

Question 1 

Do you use all parts of the Moringa to make the Moringa powder? 

No, we use only the leaves. We pluck the leaves when they are around 3ft in height, we pluck the leaves and sun dry them and grinded into powder. 

Question 2

Is it Gluten free? 

Yes, it is Gluten free. 

Question 3 

Can it be consumed by all ages? 

It can be consumed by 5 years old and above. Since it has some laxative properties, children and elderly persons should be given lesser dosage.

Testimonial and Recipe of Two Brothers Organic Farms Moringa Powder by Nisa Homey on her YouTube Channel Skinny Recipes who has a 1 Million Strong Subscriber base.

Testimonial and a recipe video by Nisa Homey with Two Brothers Organic Farms Moringa Powder - Moringa for weight Loss / Hormonal Imbalance, Healthy Vegan breakfast Smoothie -Skinny Recipes


Dried moringa leaves

Moringa powder can be had as a therapy by mixing itsp of the powder in a glass of warm water every morning.

It can also be had in many interesting ways by adding it to a spicy tandoor marinade or adding it to the podi which is made for idli.

Moringa powder can be easily added to the fitness smoothie or kneaded into the dough to make some immunity boosting flaky parathas or pooris.