Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

Coconut Oil For Hair Growth
Coconut oil is one of the most versatile and useful oils that has been a part of Indian culture for a very long time. From helping in keeping the skin moisturized in the winters to acting as taste-enhancing cooking oil, coconut oil has many usages. But apart from these applications, it is the magical benefits of coconut oil on hairs that have made this oil timeless. 

The market might be inundated with a wide variety of products claiming that they will make your hair super strong and shiny but none of those products come even near to coconut in terms of effectiveness.

The wide array of benefits offered by coconut oil has made it a hair growth elixir and this is why it has been a part of the hair care routine for so long. But is coconut oil as good as the claims on the internet? Let’s find out through this blog post. 

What does science say about coconut oil?

If you are thinking that the magical-looking benefits of coconut oil are just another fad trend then you must look at the scientific evidence backing up all these claims. 

During a 2003 study, it was found that coconut oil is highly beneficial for hair growth and hair strengthening when used both post-wash and pre-wash, especially in comparison to all the other oils that you see in the market. 

There was another study conducted for testing the effectiveness of coconut oil and in that study, it was found that all the participants who used coconut oil had minimum hair protein loss. The loss of protein was common among people who frequently used hair treatments like coloring or the use of hairdryers. 

These are just a glimpse of studies showing a positive result regarding the use of coconut oil and therefore, one can make coconut oil a part of the hair care routine without any worries. 

Why coconut oil for hair growth?

Coconut oil has some of the most unique properties that make it perfect for hair growth. For example, the ability of coconut oil to penetrate the shaft of the hair allows it to work much better than all other hair oils available in the market. 

Because of such ability, coconut oil can strengthen the hair, reduce hair loss and prevent split ends. The final result is hairs that look much thicker and shinier. And since coconut oil is completely natural and ubiquitous, you won’t have to worry about any side effects or availability. 

Coconut oil can help you on every front and therefore after you start using coconut oil for your hair, you won’t have to buy different products for different hair issues. For most people, coconut oil acts as a panacea. 

Benefits of using organic coconut oil for hair growth

Soothes scalp irritation

If you are dealing with scalp irritation and if you have tried all the products claiming to be the best remedy for scalp irritation in the market then it’s high time for you to turn to organic coconut oil. 

Coconut oil is a type of natural saturated fat and it is the high-fat content of coconut oil that allows it to calm scalp irritation, itching, and even flaking. Just within a couple of weeks of usage, you can start noticing the difference. 

Also, the high-fat content in the coconut oil helps in sealing the moisture which in turn, keeps the hair from turning dry and frizzy. 

Increases hair volume

Everyone has an aversion to reducing hair volume as in such cases, the scalp starts showing up. But you don’t need to go for fancy treatments for bringing back the pristine hair volume as regular use of coconut oil is enough. 

There are many vitamins and essential fatty acids present in coconut oil that reduces hair fall and makes your hair thicker. In addition to this, coconut oil also prevents sebum build-up from hair follicles and this also contributes towards thicker and stronger hair. 

Fight against graying of hair

One of the main reasons why hair turns grey is the loss of protein but many people keep on changing their shampoo and conditioner to bring back the original black color of their hair. Well, you can keep the protein locked in the hair by adding organic coconut oil to the hair care routine. 

The nourishing properties of coconut oil also help the hair in staying strong and protein-rich and therefore, people using coconut oil on a daily basis have less chance of grey hair.

If you will massage the scalp with coconut oil on a regular basis then this will improve the blood circulation and this also contributes towards preventing greying of hairs. 

Protect against lice

Lice in hairs can turn out to be quite irritating and they can put you in an awkward situation in public places, especially when you accidentally catch one while scratching your hair. But this doesn’t mean you have to keep your hair as a safe heave for lice as coconut oil is there for your rescue. 

Regular massaging of the scalp with organic coconut oil can prevent the snowballing of lice in hair and if you already have lice then coconut oil can even kill the lice. 

How to use coconut oil the right way?

Here are the different ways you can use coconut oil for better results;

  • Deep-conditioning hair mask- Apply the coconut oil on the scalp and hair and leave it for 30 minutes. Use a wet towel to keep the hair covered and then wash using a mild shampoo. 
  • Detangling- Apply small portions of coconut oil on knots and untangle them one by one as this will prevent the breaking of hairs during the detangling process. 
  • Shine- Take a small dab of coconut oil and apply it all around your hair. After that, you can comb your hair while still maintaining the shine. 
  • Heat protection- Use a small amount of coconut oil before using any type of hair dryer or styling tool since coconut oil is a natural heat protector. 

When to use coconut oil for fast hair growth?

You can apply coconut oil to your scalp and hair just before taking a bath. But make sure that you leave the coconut oil for at least 30 minutes. And even while washing your hair, you must use a mild shampoo only as there is no need to use any type of conditioner. 

Also, you can apply coconut oil on your hair a night before you wash your hair since the overnight exposure of hair to coconut oil allows it to absorb maximum nutrients from the coconut oil. 

The online realm might be inundated with many tips and tricks for hair care routines but a simple addition of coconut oil to your hair care routine can give you magical benefits and it can act as a one-stop solution for all the hair issues that you are currently dealing with. 

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