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Cow Ghee Vs. Buffalo Ghee

With the influx of information regarding the benefits of ghee on the internet and people flocking towards a healthy-diet trend, almost everyone has now understood that it doesn’t matter which type of health goal one has; ghee should always be a part of the diet. 

Even before the advent of the internet, ghee was the essential part of medicine preparation in Ayurved, and it has been used as a herb for a wide array of diseases from ancient times. But while everyone agrees on the health benefit of ghee, cow ghee vs. buffalo ghee is still one of the most common debate topics among ghee users. 

If you are also a ghee fiend and consume ghee regularly, you must be able to discern cow ghee from buffalo ghee and be aware of which one to prefer for maximum health benefits. Keep reading to stay illuminated. 

How does chemistry distinguish cow ghee from buffalo ghee?

Both cow ghee and buffalo ghee are good for improving mental and physical health, and they both are storehouses of many nutrients. But chemistry has its way to discern the best A2 cow ghee from buffalo ghee. 

  • In terms of consistency, buffalo ghee is more decadent than cow ghee
  • The number of health benefits offered by cow ghee is far better than buffalo ghee
  • The color of cow ghee is yellow, it tastes fantastic, and it is also light in texture, whereas buffalo ghee isn’t on even keel with cow ghee when it comes to health benefits
  • While buffalo ghee offers only essential vitamins like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, cow ghee is a mineral, vitamins, calcium, and protein storehouse.
  • Buffalo ghee has 100% fat content, whereas cow ghee has the maximum amount of saturated fat (7.9 grams per serving)
  • In addition to being high in calories, the best A2 cow ghee has antioxidant, antifungal, and even antibacterial properties. But buffalo ghee lacks all these properties. 

Which is better: cow ghee or buffalo ghee?

Both cow ghee and buffalo ghee have their special place in Indian tradition and meals, but if you look at the health benefits, cow ghee will indeed surpass buffalo ghee in all the fields. Here is a look into the benefits of cow ghee that will make you understand why you should choose it over buffalo ghee.

Benefits of cow ghee

Aids in bone health

Regular consumption of cow ghee provides stability and strength to bones, and this is why it can act as a magical remedy for joint pains and other bone-related discomforts. Also, cow ghee is the best source of fat-soluble vitamins, which keeps the brain honed. 

Boost immunity

Cow ghee is considered suitable for the growth of tissues in the body, and therefore, it boosts the immunity of the body against a wide array of ailments. It means with regular consumption of cow ghee; you can keep many diseases at bay and that too without being dependent on over-the-counter medicines. 

Improve digestion

The body's digestive ability is greatly enhanced by ghee as it promotes the secretion of enzymes. It is the presence of chain fatty acids that keeps the gut lubricated. Therefore, one can say goodbye to constipation, gas, bloating, and other gut-related problems just by consuming ghee in moderate amounts. 

Rich in nutrients

A2 Gir cow ghee is a storehouse of nutrients, and this is what the buffalo ghee lacks. Ghee contains healthy fats and essential vitamins like A, D, and E, and all this allows the body to function well while staying healthy. Even the presence of omega-3 fatty acid in ghee is beneficial for our body.

Benefits of buffalo ghee

Improve natural sleep

According to Ayurveda, buffalo ghee allows vatta to settle, reducing both gas and bloating. And because of such a balance in the body, people can enjoy a better sleep cycle that helps them wake up with energy busting in the body rather than feeling groggy. 

Beneficial for digestion

Because of the ability of the buffalo ghee to keep the digestion system at ease, the overall digestion process is boosted with the regular consumption of buffalo ghee in moderate amounts. Buffalo ghee also keeps the gut lubricated. That is why people add ghee to all their meals, making digestion a breeze for the body. 

Useful in piles

Buffalo ghee consumption can help you reduce issues arising because of different types of intentional disorders like sprue and piles. Since buffalo ghee has a digestion smoothening property, it can relieve piles. 

Strengthen natural defense mechanism

The presence of the fat-soluble vitamins in buffalo ghee allows it to improve the body's defense mechanism, and thus your body can fight against a wide array of diseases in a much better way. 

What makes cow ghee good for regular consumption?

After going through the benefits of both A2 Gir cow ghee and buffalo ghee, you must have understood that they both offer many health benefits. Still, when you compare the health benefits of cow ghee with buffalo ghee, then cow ghee will surely top the list of preferences. 

Also, suppose you are conscious about your weight and don’t want the addition of ghee in your diet to have any adverse effect on your weight loss journey. You must choose cow ghee over buffalo ghee as buffalo ghee is 100% fat, while on the other side, cow ghee can help you in your weight loss journey by reducing the fat cells and keeping the gut happy. 

By reading the different nutritional value and weight management capabilities, you must have realized that cow ghee is far better than buffalo ghee. But if you cannot find pure cow ghee and have an aversion to the processed ghee being sold in the market, you must choose pure cow ghee from Two Brothers. 

We use the most natural process possible to make 100% pure ghee, which is why our customers love our organic approach. Whether you are looking for A2 cultured ghee or full moon cultured ghee, we have it all. 

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