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Ghee for gut health

7 Incredible Benefits of Ghee for Gut Health and Digestive Well-Being

Know the 7 essential benefits of Ghee for gut health and its role in promoting overall digestive well-being.
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In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining a healthy diet becomes quite challenging. This in turn causes digestive problems and affects the overall gut health of an individual. One important aspect of a healthy diet involves the inclusion of healthy fats, such as ghee, that provide various benefits for digestion.  

Ghee is not just an ordinary clarified butter; it’s a unique product of a tradition with history and health benefits, especially for your gut! Packed with butyric acid, a compound linked to gut health advantages, ghee might help with digestive issues.

In addition, there are numerous other benefits of ghee, including digestive health, lactose-free suitability, rich flavor, enhanced nutrient absorption, and high smoke point.

However, in recent times, ghee for gut health has been gaining popularity because of its potential advantages. 

Ghee for gut health

In this blog, we will uncover the secrets of ghee and its seven awesome benefits for your gut and overall digestion.

Table of Contents

  • Ghee: Its Nutritional Value And The Magic It Creates
  • 7 Reasons To Start Embracing Ghee For Gut Health
  • FAQs: 7 Incredible Benefits of Ghee For Gut Health And Digestive Well-Being
  • Conclusion

Did you know?

All ghee types are not crafted equally.

Milk protein found in cows is of two types - A1 and A2. The type of protein used out of these two affects the quality of ghee produced by it. According to research, A2 ghee is not only easier to digest but also provides other health benefits. How? Let’s see in our sections below:

Ghee: Its Nutritional Value And The Magic It Creates

Ghee is the ultimate powerhouse when it comes to nutrients. Let us have a look at how this delicious golden elixir provides our body with the necessary nutrients it requires. 


If you consume one tablespoon of ghee it adds up to around 120 calories, making it an extremely calorie-dense food. These calories are nothing but healthy fats that your body requires to keep you energized throughout the day.

Note: It is important to keep in mind that ghee is a calorie-dense food and therefore should be consumed in moderation. Your daily ghee intake should not be more than 2 to 3 tablespoons as this quantity is more than enough to give your body all the nutrients that it needs. 

Healthy Fats

The Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated fats contained in ghee are what sets it apart from other superfoods. These fats facilitate bodily functions and keep the energy going. 


One dollop of ghee is enough to provide you with vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E and, K. These vitamins play an extremely crucial role in maintaining gut health, immunity and, healthy skin. 

Butyric Acid

This acid is a short-chain fatty acid, particularly found in ghee. Butyric acid helps to reduce inflammation of the inner lining of the stomach and also helps to cure certain other diseases. 

So, if you are looking to add some nutritional value to your diet, consider opting for organic A2 cow ghee. This ghee is made using fresh Gir cow milk. It is packed with all the essential nutrients that our bodies require. This product is additive-free, with no artificial preservatives, synthetic fillers, or binders. It's entirely natural, crafted on the farm in small, daily batches. It proves to be the perfect ghee for gut health.

In light of these nutritional benefits, let's explore 7 reasons to start embracing organic ghee for gut health.

7 Reasons To Start Embracing Ghee For Gut Health

Ghee has held a significant place in our diet for centuries. Queries about the health benefits of ghee or its role in facilitating digestion have only recently gained attention.

Let's look at some of the key advantages of ghee in improving gut health.

1. Reduces Inflammation

Did you know that we might get affected by inflammation more than we realize? 

It's not just something that happens when we get injured or sick; it can also be triggered by our diet, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors. Chronic inflammation has been linked to a wide range of health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, and even arthritis. Luckily, some foods, like ghee, can help reduce inflammation. 

But, what is it about ghee that makes it so effective in reducing inflammation?

  • Ghee's anti-inflammatory compounds curb gut inflammation, enhancing digestive health.
  • Butyric acid in ghee suppresses inflammatory molecules and promotes anti-inflammatory ones.
  • Essential vitamins in ghee support the body's defense, aiding in inflammation reduction.

Ghee for gut health

Pro tip: Add a tablespoon of ghee to your morning coffee or tea for a creamy and energizing beverage that may help reduce inflammation.

2. Enhances The Absorption of Nutrients

We discussed how ghee is extremely rich in saturated fats. 

  • These healthy fats aid in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.
  • The fats also absorb other nutrients further ensuring that our bodies get the most of their benefits. 

Pro tip: You can use ghee as a substitute for other cooking oils or even consume just a tablespoon of ghee every morning when you wake up. 

3. Free From Lactose

Have you ever thought about how lactose-intolerant individuals enjoy dairy products without facing digestive discomfort? 

Ghee is almost devoid of lactose, making it perfectly suitable for individuals dealing with lactose intolerance. They can now enjoy these flavours without facing any inconvenience. 

Did you know?

Most people suffering from lactose intolerance, unfortunately, swap butter and other dairy products with undesirable and chemical-laden food products such as margarine. Such products do nothing for the improvement of your well-being. So, if you are looking for healthy alternatives, then ghee might just be the right choice! 

Pro tip: Spread ghee on toast or crackers instead of butter or margarine for a delicious and nutritious alternative.

4. Promotes Gut Microbiome 

Our gut houses many types of bacteria, ghee facilitates the growth of good bacteria, which is beneficial for maintaining gut health.

  • This further contributes to a healthy and balanced gut microbiome. 
  • This makes your gut healthier.
  • Eating ghee encourages the growth of helpful microbes.
  • Ghee helps keep your gut diverse and balanced.
  • A balanced gut helps you digest food better, absorb nutrients, and stay healthy overall.

Ghee for gut health

Pro tip: You can drizzle melted ghee over cooked vegetables, popcorn, or steamed rice for added flavor and health benefits.

5. Facilitates Digestion

Have you ever wondered how ghee is made? 

A2 ghee is churned from Makkhan made with cultured curd which is heated over a long period of time. This leads to the milk solids being separated to produce a golden and clear fat- ghee. 

But how does ghee particularly help in digestion you may ask?

  • With no milk solids, it becomes way easier to digest ghee as compared to other whole dairy products or regular butter.
  • Individuals suffering from sensitive digestive tracts highly benefit from this as it reduces the likelihood of gastrointestinal discomfort or irritation.  

Pro tip: you can simply use ghee as a substitute for other cooking oils or butter when sautéing vegetables, frying eggs, or grilling meats. Its high smoke point makes it suitable for high-temperature cooking and food becomes much more easier to digest.

6. Provides Lubrication Naturally

Constipation and irregular bowel movements become quite prevalent with the dietary trends that are gaining traction in today’s time. Using a fat-first approach (starting your day by consuming healthy fats) can provide natural lubrication to the digestive tract, reducing the risk of discomfort and irritation. 

Pro tip: Try blending ghee into your morning smoothie for a boost of healthy fats and a creamy texture.

7. An Ayurvedic Tradition 

According to Ayurveda, ghee is considered to be the elixir of life. It is a golden liquid that lowers the acidic pH of our gastrointestinal tract and improves absorption in our small intestine. It cleans the digestive system and relieves constipation. 

So, if you are looking for an easy and natural way to improve your digestion, then ghee might just be the right solution to all your problems!

FAQs: 7 Incredible Benefits Of Ghee For Gut Health And Digestive Well-Being

Is there any particular type of ghee that is recommended to promote gut health?

A1 ghee is derived from cows that produce both A1 and A2 protein. A2 ghee on the other hand is derived from cow breeds like Gir, Badri, and Sahiwal. While any ghee of high quality is beneficial for your gut health, it is advisable to select grass-fed A2 ghee. This particular product is power-packed with essential nutrients to improve your digestive well-being. 

Can ghee help to heal the gut?

It is often observed that people suffering from digestive problems do not produce butyric acid. They also show low levels of fatty acid and other related oils. Since ghee is rich in butyric acid and other vitamins and oils, it proves to be an amazing product to heal the gut.  

What happens when you consume one tablespoon of ghee every day?

Consuming one tablespoon of ghee every day has nothing but only positive effects on your digestive health. Having ghee on a daily basis strengthens your bones and boosts overall immunity. 

Can ghee alleviate symptoms of gastritis?

According to Ayurveda, when an individual is suffering from chronic ulcer or gastritis, ghee is used to promote healing within the intestinal tract. It lubricates the connective tissues and stimulates the digestive enzymes. 

When is the best time to eat ghee during the day?

Ghee is a powerhouse of essential nutrients like calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins A, D, E, and K. Consuming ghee on an empty stomach helps to keep the cells in the body healthy. 


When it comes to promoting a healthy digestive system, the food that we consume plays a very important role. Among the many culinary treasures, ghee has undoubtedly gained a lot of attention for its potential benefits in supporting digestive health and well-being. It is sold as clarified butter in stores today. 

However, it is very important to choose a certified and reputable brand when it comes to buying ghee. Turns out that Two Brothers Organic Farms might be the right fit for you! The A2 ghee produced by this ECOCERT-certified brand is suitable for all individuals. It’s handmade in small batches and therefore feels just like “ghar jaisa ghee”.

Overall, it is quite obvious that ghee is a superhero when it comes to digestion. So, reap the many benefits of ghee and use it well to build better health.

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