Daily Essentail Atta Combo - Khapli (2kg) + Jowar (2kg) + Sattu (1kg)

Daily Essentail Atta Combo - Khapli (2kg) + Jowar (2kg) + Sattu (1kg)

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Khapli Atta (2kg)

Milled in stone grinders using ancient whole wheat Emmer grain. 

Emmer wheat is an ancient strain of wheat which has not been modified.

Emmer wheat flour is easily digested and absorbed into the body when compared to modern wheat.

Ancient wheat grains are part of the natural biodiversity of the planet.

It is high in protein, rich in magnesium and iron and good source of dietary fibre


Sattu Atta (1kg)

Milled in stone grinders using indigenous variety of roasted bengal gram

Sattu flour is the perfect quick breakfast. It can be cooked with water or milk to make a porridge and can be mixed with favourite taste morsels like dried fruits and nuts.

Sattu is an ingredient which is delicious and satiating. It can be mixed with other flours and can be used to make anything from a simple chilla to a gourmet pancake.

Using these nutrient rich flours enables us to make the fanciest of dishes into healthy ones.


Jowar Atta (2kg)

Milled in stone grinders using native variety of Jowar

Jowar flour is a gluten free option for people with a wheat intolerance. It has a mildly sweet taste which makes it a perfect substitute for baked goods.

Jowar roti or dosa are popular staples, in the respective cuisines. A jowar dosa with a side of coconut chutney, spicy onion chutney and sambar is a delicious meal. 

Jowar flour is also used to make a jowar halwa by using ghee, jaggery, aromatic spices and roasted cashew nuts. It is a hearty indulgence which strengthens the body.