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Immunity Pack - Amlaprash (500g) + Crushed Jaggery (500g) + Moringa Powder (100g)

Immunity Pack - Amlaprash (500g) + Crushed Jaggery (500g) + Moringa Powder (100g)

Immunity Pack - Amlaprash (500g) + Crushed Jaggery (500g) + Moringa Powder (100g)

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Made using hand picked amla fruit and A2 Gir cow ghee. Naturally sweetened with misri. Contains no refined sugar. Handmade.

An immunity boosting sweet mix (like jam) consisting of native ingredients


Moringa Powder 

Native variety moringa leaves, naturally dried to preserve maximum nutrition

Moringa powder can be had as a therapy by mixing itsp of the powder in a glass of warm water every morning.

It can also be had in many interesting ways by adding it to a spicy tandoor marinade or adding it to the podi which is made for idli.

Moringa powder can be easily added to the fitness smoothie or kneaded into the dough to make some immunity boosting flaky parathas or pooris.


Crushed Jaggery 

Jaggery powder is a natural sugar which is obtained by manually stirring, beating the melted, clarified and thickened sugarcane juice after it reaches a particular temperature so that crushed jaggery powder is formed.

Jaggery powder is a healthier option to refined sugar. It mixes easily in any beverage of choice both hot or cold. Sweeten your cold coffee frappe with the delicious taste of jaggery .It is just as tasty in that cup of hot masala chai.

Jaggery powder is perfect for adding the yummy quotient to Indian mithai. The wholesomeness of desi ghee,gram flour and jaggery is an unbeatable sweet treat. This vegan ingredient is the perfect sweet condiment in your larder to whip up anything from a gooey choco lava cake to a moist banana bread.

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Malobika Bhale

Loved all

Dharini Bhatia

Healthy n satisfying