Instant Coffee(250g) + Crushed Jaggery(500g) - Combo

Instant Coffee(250g) + Crushed Jaggery(500g) - Combo

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Instant Coffee


We are proud to collaborate with Native Araku Coffee (NAC), they work closely with the Adivasis around the dense forests of the Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh. At TBOF, we were on the lookout for opportunities to work with tribal farmers, especially for Coffee. It was when we visited the valley and discovered the cherry-to-cup journey of coffee that we decided to partner with NAC to co-create avenues for exceptional Organic Coffee grown by the tribal farmers of the Valley. The Coffee beans have been custom roasted and bagged by NAC for TBOF.

To read more about the TBOF X NAC Collaboration, CLICK HERE


Crushed Jaggery

Jaggery powder is a natural sugar that is obtained by manually stirring, beating the melted, clarified and thickened sugarcane juice after it reaches a particular temperature so that crushed jaggery powder is formed.

Jaggery powder is a healthier option than refined sugar. It mixes easily in any beverage of choice both hot or cold. Sweeten your cold coffee frappe with the delicious taste of jaggery. It is just as tasty in that cup of hot masala chai.

Jaggery powder is perfect for adding the yummy quotient to Indian mithai. The wholesomeness of desi ghee, gram flour and jaggery is an unbeatable sweet treat. This vegan ingredient is the perfect sweet condiment in your larder to whip up anything from a gooey choco lava cake to moist banana bread.

Balance out the pasta sauce by adding a spoonful of jaggery to take the edge of the sour country tomatoes. Imli chutney with jaggery for your favourite chaat? Oh yes indeed!