Shatavari Ghee, A2 Cultured 250g
Shatavari Ghee, A2 Cultured 250g
Shatavari Ghee, A2 Cultured 250g
Shatavari Ghee, A2 Cultured 250g
Shatavari Ghee, A2 Cultured 250g
Shatavari Ghee, A2 Cultured 250g
Shatavari Ghee, A2 Cultured 250g

Shatavari Ghee, A2 Cultured 250g

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Gir cow cultured ghee, fortified with sustainably grown Shatavari.


Ghee is clarified butter which is slow cooked over a fire which allows the fat solids to separate. The liquid part is skimmed off and poured into sterile jars. It is fortified with sustainably grown Shatavari. This ghee enhances the herb’s bioavailability by carrying the healing properties of the herb into deep tissues of the body.


Best used as a dietary supplement, 5-10 g to be had with warm Cow milk sweetened with Mishri (rock sugar). 


Shatavari ghee may help cure Gout, Acidity, Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers, Abdominal Burning, Ulcerative Colitis. It helps improve breast milk, 

Works like an Aphrodisiac and improves generalized weakness


Each 100 g of Shatavari Ghee is made using 

A2 Ghee (Ghrita) 100 g, Shatavari Kalka 25 g, Shatavari Kwath (Decoction) 400 ml, Water 400 ml, A2 Cow milk 400 ml

Storage info

Best stored away from direct sunlight


Pregnant and lactating women should consult their doctor or vaidya before starting herbal supplements. This product is not intended to replace medical advice or treat any conditions.

This product contains no additives, is free from artificial preservatives, synthetic fillers or binders. 100% natural, farm made in batches.

Question 1  

What is Shatavari? 

Commonly known as the Asparagus fern this is a plant which used to grow rampantly throughout India known for its spiky green needles like leaves, small white flowers and reddish black berries. This plant was often uprooted while weeding as a result it is actually on the endangered list. The 'Queen' of all Indian natural herbs, Shatavari Nourishes, and protects the female reproductive system and balances hormones. It protects the digestive system and builds immunity.

Question 2  

What is the benefit of Shatavari ?

Shatavari contains steroidal saponins. These steroidal saponins help in regulating estrogen. The Shatavari roots are long and tubular; they are dried and powdered for herbal medicine. Known to be highly beneficial in fertility issues as well as with elements related to the female reproductive system. Furthermore, Shatavari is rich in copper, manganese vitamin A and ascorbic acid. It also contains essential fatty acids like gamma linolenic acid which is beneficial for heart health, brain function and pain arising from arthritis. Shatavari is used to build the female reproductive system it is known to relieve menstrual cramps, hot flashes or PMS discomfort.It works on balancing hormones and also provides relief when managing conditions like insomni, mood swing, anxiety, bloating etc  Shatavari is also believed to enhance milk production for breastfeeding mothers. Ghee infused with Shatavari is an excellent way to absorb the benefits of this herb.

A2 milk , Shatavari root and extract

Shatavari  ghee can be used as part of a therapy by taking 1-2 tsp every morning to start off the day. This is similar to that of taking a dietary supplement. It can also be used to add flavour to delicious home cooked meals and enhance the taste of the spices and various native ingredients.

It is delicious when added to cooked rice or millet grains and can be had with any lentil gravy.Adding a generous smear of ghee to a warm tandoor roti sends the happy endorphins going as the taste buds take pleasure in these exquisite ancient flavours of Indian breads and ghee. Add a sprinkling of your favourite masala and it’s a meal which tastes like a feast. For a sweet tooth option, there’s always the natural cane jaggery and ghee pairing,simply delicious too.