Stony Ambemohar Rice, Unpolished 1kg
Stony Ambemohar Rice, Unpolished 1kg

Stony Ambemohar Rice, Unpolished 1kg

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Nutrient dense whole grain rice with the hull,bran leather and cereal germ intact. Grown in the Sahyadris ranges at high altitudes.


Native rice grains, unpolished.


Unprocessed Stony Ambemohar rice


Native rice grain

Organically grown. No pesticides or chemicals.

Healthy source of fibre

Low glycemic index

Usage info

The Ambemohar rice is highly fragrant and said to mimic the aroma of mangoes and hence the name. It is well suited to dishes which are served in feasts and grand family celebrations.

Try out your favourite pulao , biryani , kheer or sticky rice pudding with this aromatic native rice grain.

Specific storage info

Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.


Soak rice in water for 6 hours before cooking.Native ingredient,not refined or polished. This product contains no additives , pesticides or chemicals.It is 100% natural.


Question 1 

Is this Rice Gluten free? 

Yes, it is Gluten free. 

Question 2

What is the shelf life of this Rice? 

It is good before 12 months from the date of packaging