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Thandai Drink Mix, All Natural. 150 gms


 Thandai Drink Mix


Unsweetened Instant powder mix of natural dry fruits, nuts, seeds and spices.


Ready- to- use powder mix of dry fruits, nuts, seeds and spices. Can be added to cold milk to make chilled milk based traditional beverage, also known as, ‘Thandaai’. 


Cashews, Almonds, Pistachio, Poppy seeds, Cardamom, Fennel seeds, Muskmelon seeds, Watermelon seeds, Dried Indigenous Rose petals, Black pepper, White pepper, Nutmeg and Saffron


Has cooling properties

Aids digestion

Boosts energy

Boosts Immunity

Usage info

Mix 2 tablespoons in 250 ml milk to prepare 1 full glass of Thandaai. Use milk of choice - animal or plant based. This is an instant mix, so soaking or cooking is not necessary but optional.

Specific storage info

Store in an airtight box, in a cool dry place.


No Additives, Binders, Fillers and Preservatives.