Transition to a Zero waste & Sustainable Lifestyle

Transition to a  Zero waste & Sustainable Lifestyle


- She Consciously made Sustainability her business ;) All it needs is support & nurturing of you & me?😊 Check out the little kiddos who tagged along and had brought their share of questions too! So proud.

@ullisu.official was hosted by THE STUDIO at the TWO BROTHERS DELHI STORE, Chattarpur. This day, THE STUDIO was a coming together of like-minded futurists to discuss, learn and exchange everything around responsible today, for a hopeful tomorrow for Earth, our only home, for now!πŸ’šβ™»οΈπŸŒ

A message from Mridula, Fouder of Ullisu

β€œThe Zerowaste meet-up is a casual meet & greet of like minded people across the city who are trying to make the effort to live more sustainably. Very often such self motivated folks lack peer support and find themselves at the end of a burnout which leads to giving up on the individual efforts to live sustainably.

Zerowaste meet-ups provide a space with like-minded folks to discuss such relatable life experiences and feel less alone in this journey. People find a like minded circle to do things of similar interest and grow stronger as an eco-community together for the city.

Ullisu is a platform I have founded to make the transition to a sustainable lifestyle more easier. Be it the package free map, or the resources in our website, to the products we promote as alternatives. We are aiming to make sustainable easy and less intimidating as an idea.”

THE STUDIO, a potluck of a corner. Shout-out to all the creators, performers, artists, sustainable champions, comics, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, artisans and everyone who needs a creative space to express, connect and collaborate among like minded spirits. Yes, like true creative expression, IT'S FREE!😊

Come, let's find our voice together!πŸ€—πŸ™Œ

THE DELHI STORE, our first offline store, is a potluck of experiences, nature, ideas, flavours, farmers, food, imagination and oodles of creativity.