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Benefits Of Organic Wheat Flour You Must Know

Benefits Of Organic Wheat Flour You Must Know

Do you feel bloated after having a chapati? Well, you shouldn't blame your gut always! It might be due to processed wheat flour too. 

Your first response might be to quit chapati to tackle the uneasiness. Instead give organic wheat flour a shot.

Yes, organic - the unprocessed, non-white, dull-looking flour that you did not pick up in the shopping aisle - it can bring immense health benefits that you'll feel yourself once you try it.

Organic flour - free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers , made from unprocessed and unpolished grains might add a lot to your health plate. Keep reading to know about the benefits of organic wheat flour ..


  • What Is Organic Atta?
  • Why Should You Choose Organic Wheat Atta? Know  7 Organic Atta Benefits
  • How Is Organic Wheat Grown And How Long Will It Take To Harvest?
  • Why Is Organic Wheat Flour More Expensive Than Maida?
  • Which Is the Best Organic Atta?
  • To End With

What Is Organic Atta?

If you still wonder what organic atta is, here's it.

Organic wheat flour is called 'chakki fresh atta' as it is packed instantly after grounding in the 'chakki' without adding any preservatives. The non-processed wheat flour is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and comes with a number of health benefits because it isn't boosted with pesticides. 

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Why Should You Choose Organic Wheat Flour? Know The 7 Organic Wheat Flour Benefits

You must have heard that organic wheat flour is a good source of protein. It's just not that - there's more to it. 

Let's see what more benefits this flour has:

Boosts metabolism

Due to the high level of Vitamins present, organic wheat flour helps boost your body's metabolism. Consuming organic wheat flour not only helps you absorb energy from foods and transform it to ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) faster, but the Vitamin B1 also maintains a healthy glucose metabolism.

Beneficial for bones 

Since organic atta is not processed, its phosphorus content remains unchanged. If you are thinking about how phosphorus can be helpful, wait a second! 

Combined with calcium, phosphorus is an essential mineral that helps to keep your bones stronger. As bones don't grow strong magically in a day, regular consumption of organic wheat for a prolonged period might do wonders to your bones. 

Maintain a healthy blood sugar level

Due to the presence of magnesium, organic atta improves your body's insulin response and lowers the insulin resistance. Combined with magnesium, zinc also helps you to strike the right balance in your insulin levels - thus, making it easier to control your diabetes. Read here to know about the Best Atta For Diabetic Patients In India.

Prevents Anemia

Organic atta contains abundant natural minerals, and iron is one of them. When your body receives proper iron, you can prevent Anemia. So, isn't consuming organic wheat flour regularly a better way to keep it balanced? You can surely add fruits and veggies besides the healthy carbs to enrich your iron intake. 

Boosts Brain Functions 

Who doesn't want their brain to function properly throughout the day? As organic wheat flour is abundant in Niacin, it not only improves mental health but also protects your brain cells from potential injuries and stress.

Good for your skin and eyes

As organic wheat flour is filled with the goodness of minerals, vitamins, and protein, it is also good for your eyes, skin, and hair. Vitamin E in organic wheat flour helps to slow down the signs of aging and fine lines. Moreover, the presence of zinc in organic wheat flour renews your skin and gives it a healthy boost.

How Is Organic Wheat Grown And How Long Will It Take To Harvest?

As you have learned about the benefits you reap from organic atta flour, you might wonder how it is harvested! Well, there's something special to it, and that's why it's organic! 

Organic wheat is grown without using off-farm inputs like fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives and growth regulators.

Farmers rely on crop rotation, green manures, legumes, crop residues, mechanical cultivation, and biological pest control methods to yield a proper and healthy organic harvest. 

Unlike any other crop, organic wheat is planted during spring and reaped during the fall! 

Why Is Organic Wheat Flour More Expensive Than Maida?

That's a question every household has! Yes, didn't you ask someone in your family? Did you get your answer? NO? Well, here it is!

Maida, or refined flour, is produced by crushing wheat of any quality. In most cases, low-quality wheat is used to get it. 

On the other hand, organic wheat is expensive because it is obtained by pressing high-quality pricy wheat, known as Sharbati atta or MP Sharbati! That makes the difference! 

Which Is The Best Organic Atta? 

benefits of organic flour

After knowing the benefits of organic atta, you will surely want to know where to get it. 

Lots of brands offer organic Atta. But how does one choose the best out of them?

Undoubtedly, Two Brothers Khapli Wheat Atta is the best organic atta you can use. It is low in gluten, high in fiber and vitamins. The best part is that this atta is milled in stone grinders using ancient whole wheat Emmer grain. This product contains no additives and is free from artificial preservatives, synthetic fillers or binders. It is 100% natural. Read here to know about 8 Benefits of Khapli Atta.

FAQs - Benefits Of Organic Wheat Flour You Must Know

Is organic wheat flour healthy?

Yes, organic wheat flour is considered to be a healthier option than commercially cultivated wheat flour. Organic farming operations do not employ synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, resulting in a product with less chemical residues.

What does all purpose flour mean?

All-purpose flour is a multipurpose flour made from a blend of hard and soft wheat varieties. It is intended for use in a variety of culinary applications, including baking, frying, and thickening sauces. Because of its versatility, all-purpose flour is a common culinary essential.

To End With

So, now you know about the benefits of organic wheat flour! Won't you want to reap the benefits of this atta? Well, there's a little more to it. Research has proved that consuming organic wheat flour helps you to have a balanced BMI (Body Mass Index)! You can also take a curb on obesity with this atta. 

Thus, switching to organic wheat flour is a positive way to take it! With loaded vitamins, minerals and proteins, enjoy your favorite bun or bread made from organic atta. Keep your diabetes in control by enjoying the food of your choice! Level up your iron, magnesium, zinc, and folic acid with Two Brothers Khapli Atta. Be fit, stay strong, and don't blame your gut while you have chapati for dinner today! 


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