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litti chokha recipe

Authentic Delights of Litti Chokha - A Traditional Recipe

Check out the traditional and authentic Bihari cuisine of Litti Chokha recipe and try it out at your home.

From Bihar to your plate, Litti Chokha perfectly captures the rich and authentic flavors of Bihari cuisine. This delightful, smokey, and tangy Litti Chokha recipe consists of wheat flour-filled balls (litti) served with a side of spicy mashed veggies (chokha). These balls are roasted in a wood-fired clay oven which adds a favourful twist to the recipe. 

Litti Chokha weaves the story of culture, flavor, and tradition embedded within the roasted gram flour balls and spicy mashed vegetable puree. The food comes from rural areas of Bihar where it appeared as a modest, yet satisfying meal for the labourers and farmers. This pocket-friendly dish sustained the workers who worked long hours in the field. 

So, foodies have already fallen in love with this rustic delicacy which is a culinary treasure coming from the roots of the eastern Indian state of Bihar. 

Are you eager to learn more about this wonderful dish? Join us as we help you learn how to make litti chokha at your home.

Table of Contents

  • Experience the Making of Litti Chokha Recipe 
  • FAQ: Authentic Delights of Litti Chokha - A Traditional Recipe
  • Conclusion

Did you know? 

Two pieces of litti plus chokha have around 288 calories on average along with 50g of carbs, 6.8g of fats, protein content is 10.4 g and 8.4g of dietary fiber. 

Let’s head on to the delicious recipe now.

Experience The Making of Litti Chokha Recipe 

Are you constantly curious to know how to make litti chokha? Keep following us as we take you on the journey of making litti chokha recipes in your home kitchen.

Litti Chokha Recipe

Preparation Time: 10-15 min 

Cooking time: 45-50 min 

Serves: 7

As you go through our recipe, carefully note down the ingredients for making litti chokha! 

Litti Chokha Ingredients

The litti chokha is made in 2 phases- the first phase includes the making of litti and the second phase includes the making of baingan chokha. We have further broken down the first phase into 3 processes- methods of making the litti dough, the stuffing, and also a detailed process of stuffing the littis. 

litti chokha recipe

For making the entire recipe, let’s list down the ingredients. 

Phase 1: Making of Litti

For Litti Dough:

For Stuffing:

  • 2tbsp. mustard oil
  • 1 cup sattu/ TBOF Bengal roasted gram flour 
  • 1 chilli (chopped)
  • ½ tsp. cumin 
  • ¼ tsp. salt
  • ½ tsp. ginger garlic paste 
  • ½ tsp. onion seeds / “kalonji”seeds
  • 2tbsp. coriander 
  • 1tsp. lime juice 

Come on, let’s start baking littis together!

Methods For Making the Litti Dough

  1. Take a large mixing bowl and mix the wheat flour, A2 ghee, baking powder, carom seeds, and salt. Keep mixing till the A2 ghee gets well combined. 
  2. Put half a cup of water to knead the dough till it gets soft and smooth. 
  3. Grease the dough with half a teaspoon of oil and let it rest for approximately 20 minutes.

Methods for Making the Stuffing

  1. In a large bowl, add sattu (TBOF Bengal gram flour), lime juice, salt, onion seeds / “kalonji” seeds, cumin, coriander, ginger garlic paste, and mustard oil, then mix thoroughly. 
  2. Make sure that stuffing is moist, neither too wet nor too dry. 

litti chokha recipe

Methods for Stuffing the Littis

  1. Begin by lightly kneading the dough and pinching a ball-sized dough.
  2. Press all the edges and form it into the shape of a cup.
  3. Place stuffing in the center and pleat the dough properly so that the stuffing doesn’t come out. Pinch off the extra dough and roll properly.
  4. Bake the litti in a preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius, or you can make it in a preheated appe pan with a little oil brushed on it. Cook for 45 min and flip in between. 
  5. Now, cover the lid and cook on a low flame for around 10 minutes. Ensure that both sides get cooked well. 
  6. Keep cooking till the littis turn golden brown. Serve with your favorite chokha or A2 desi ghee!

Chef Tips: 

  1. You can use roasted chana dal if you don’t have sattu at home. In that case, you need to grind the chana dal, sift it, and then use it. 
  2. Make sure that your litti stuffing is neither too dry nor too wet, as it may hamper the taste of your litti. 
  3. Ensure your litti dough is neither too soft nor too hard, so be careful while adding the water.
  4. If you are baking the littis in the oven or an appe pan always make sure that your baking tray or pan is well greased; otherwise, the littis may stick. 
  5. Drizzling ghee on top of your litti while serving may enhance its taste. 

Now, let’s learn how to make your favorite baingan chokha recipe (smashed eggplant with veggies). 

litti chokha recipe

Phase 2: Making Baingan Chokha 


  • 1 large eggplant or “baingan”
  • 1 ½ tsp. garlic (chopped)
  • 1tbsp. mustard oil
  • 1 ½ tsp. green chilly (chopped)
  • 3 ½ tbsp. coriander (chopped)
  • 1 onion (medium-sized, chopped)
  • 1 tomato (chopped)
  • 1 pinch of salt 
  • 1tsp. lime juice (optional)

Let’s begin making the yummy side dish of litti, which is baingan chokha!

Methods for Making Baingan Chokha Recipe 

  • 1. Wash the eggplant or “baingan” in water thoroughly. After washing, place it directly on the flame of your gas burner.
  • 2. Keep flipping the baingan after every 2 minutes on the flame, so that it gets cooked on all sides.
  • 3. Continue roasting the eggplant till it gets cooked and becomes softer. Using a knife, you can check how much it's done.
  • 4. If the knife slides into the eggplant easily, then remove it immediately and immerse it in a bowl of normal water till it cools down.
  • 5. Now peel and chop your baingain and put it in a bowl with its juices. 
  • 6. You can add chopped tomatoes, green chilies, onions, coriander, garlic, and mustard oil. Add lime juice (if you wish to) and salt for seasoning the baingan chokha. 
  • 7. Continue mixing everything till it gets well combined.

Chef Tips: 

  1. Do not overroast the eggplants, as this will ruin the taste of your chokha. 
  2. Ensure that the “baingan” is well cooked and becomes softer. 
  3. If you do not prefer “baingan” chokha, you can have your littis with “aloo” chokha or tomato chokha. 

Enjoy your baingan chokha recipe, which now completes your litti chokha recipe! 

FAQs: Authentic Delights of Litti Chokha - A Traditional Recipe

What makes litti chokha so special?

This dish originated in rural areas of Bihar and Eastern UP. The recipe has a lip-smacking flavor of Indian spices and is made with gram flour, or sattu, and brinjal. 

What is the other name of chokha that is served with litti?

The other name of the side dish is known as ‘baingan ka bharta’. 

Is litti chokha healthy?

If you consider two pieces of litti with chokha, the carbs content is 50g, 6.8g of fats, protein content is 10.4 g and 8.4g of dietary fiber. The dish is healthy for your heart and helps boost your metabolism. (source)

Is litti chokha hard to digest?

Littis are usually made of sattu, which gives a certain cooling effect to your body and is easily digestible. 


Experiencing the journey of making and tasting litti choka can be a lovely trip for your senses. The side dish full of mashed veggies brings a sense of fulfillment and adds a certain depth of flavor to the recipe. The combination of the outer crispy texture of your golden-colored litti and the savory filling inside can make you go insane! 

To get an organic touch in your litti chokha, use the organic sattu available at Two Brother’s Organic Farms and make it tasty and healthy.

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