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Winters Are Here! Sattu ka Paratha Can Keep You Warm!

Winters Are Here! Sattu ka Paratha Can Keep You Warm!

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Apart from Buddha, Nalanda University, and Jainism, Bihar is also famous for its wide array of cuisine that is usually not found anywhere else. Although many Bihari cuisines have become ubiquitous in India like thetcha, litti-chokha, and much more. But have you heard about the Bihari superfood, Sattu?

Sattu is the same product you find inside a litti, and it is made from roasted black chickpea. For most people outside Bihar, sattu might be a new food since they aren't used to it, but once you visit Bihar during summers, you can find sattu carts selling lip-smacking sattu drinks almost everywhere.

But sattu isn't only used in the form of drinks in Bihar as it is also used in Litti, mixed with milk and sugar, and even eaten just by making a dough during summers. Apart from this, there is one more dish you can make from sattu, and it is best for the winters; sattu ka paratha. 

So let's know more about sattu and the special sattu based dish, sattu ka paratha, in a detailed manner. 

How to Make Sattu Ka Paratha


  • Sattu powder (200 grams)
  • 1 cup water
  • Two garlic
  • Eight tablespoon mustard oil
  • One green chilly
  • Wheat flour(200 grams)
  • One medium-sized onion 
  • Salt as per requirement 
  • Fresh coriander 
  • One teaspoon ajwain 
  • Two teaspoon jeera powder

The Process for making Sattu ka Paratha

  • Add finely chopped green chilies, onion, garlic, and fresh coriander into a bowl, and then add jeera powder, ajwain, salt, and sattu in it. 
  • Then add four tablespoons of mustard oil to the bowl and mix all the ingredients evenly. 
  • Now, let the mixture of sattu and spices rest for at least 15-20 minutes, and meanwhile, you can begin preparing for parathas. 
  • Take the wheat flour in a bowl, and by adding water, make a dough just like the dough of chapatis. 
  • Make small balls of these doughs and sprinkle them with wheat flour. 
  • Filling the sattu mixture in the dough can be tricky, but you can do it with ease by using some simple steps. 
  • Take the ball of dough and now stretch the dough into your hands while keeping the thickness even. 
  • Now, take two tablespoons of sattu mixture, place it in the middle of the dough and seal the dough from all the sides.
  • Roll the dough into a paratha by using a rolling dough. 
  • Put the paratha on a heated tawa and cook it properly on both sides. 
  • Use mustard oil on both sides while cooking, and finally, serve it with curd or pickle. 

Benefits Of Consuming Sattu Atta During The Winter Season

A rich protein source

If you are looking forward to adding some protein to your diet, there can be nothing better than sattu. Yes, sattu is a rich source of protein, and just 100 grams of sattu provides 20 grams of vegan protein. So, consuming sattu atta regularly can help in muscle growth and repair. 

In addition to this, sattu also helps keep you full for a long time, and therefore, it also helps maintain an ideal weight. So, even if you are on a strict diet plan, you can still add sattu to your everyday meal plan. 

Eases bloating and constipation

If you are not ready for over-the-counter medicines to treat gut problems like constipation and bloating, then sattu can be your natural remedy. Sattu contains a high amount of insoluble fiber, and is considered best for gut health. 

Along with this, the insoluble fiber present in organic sattu flour also helps the body get rid of the greasy food stored inside your body. Thus, it helps reduce symptoms and stomach pain related to acidity. So, it doesn't matter which type of gut problem you are dealing with, adding sattu to your diet can always help. 

Regulates blood sugar

Nowadays, diabetes has become inherent in middle-aged people's lifestyles, so it has become a lifestyle disease. Most people choose the arduous journey of being dependent upon over-the-counter medicines and doing anything with their diet for their entire life. 

But you will be surprised to know that by becoming a sattu fiend, you can maintain your blood sugar level as well. We are not telling you to start eating sattu three times a day and get rid of your medicines; it may help aid in controlling blood sugar levels. 

Organic sattu flour is low in the glycaemic index, and the fiber content in sattu helps it deal with sugar levels. Besides, sattu also aids in maintaining the cholesterol level. So, even if you have diabetes, you can still add sattu to your diet. 

    Why should you always purchase organic Sattu Ka Atta? 

    Instead of randomly picking any packet of sattu that you see on the shelves, you should always buy 100% organic sattu. The chief benefit of organic sattu is that it provides more coolness to your stomach than any other type of sattu. In addition to this, there is nothing harmful mixed with organic sattu. Therefore, your body can benefit from pure sattu instead of consuming anything mixed with sattu that can damage your body. 

    With winter knocking on the door, many people make a paradigm shift in their diet but the one superfood that should always remain in your diet plan, even in the winter season, is sattu. And the best way to consume sattu in winters is to make a paratha. 

    And if you are on the hunt of finding organic sattu, then there is no better place than Two Brothers. We believe in organic food, and therefore, our entire business idea is built around offering pure and organic food to our customers. Check out our organic products today!

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