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Cultured Ghee vs Non-cultured Ghee - Know The Difference!

Cultured Ghee vs Non-cultured Ghee - Know The Difference!

A myriad of people worldwide like traditional and cultured edible products that include dairy products. One of them is cultured ghee- an essential byproduct that is recommended by dietitians to be included in the routine meal as it is an excellent source of nutrition and additional vitamins/minerals. If an individual is a health freak and positions their nutrition at the top, then cultured ghee is an absolute recommendation. 

Cultured ghee is rich in buttery taste and has a luscious aroma that comes from the fermentation of the cream. Most people might not know about the significance of full moon cultured ghee because of the lack of traditional understanding. As the name suggests, full moon cultured ghee is prepared on the auspicious occasion when the moon is in the full phase cycle. As this time represents superior quality, full moon cultured ghee made its way into the market with the fact that its quality is better and appetizing than the rest alternatives.

Cultured ghee is prepared from cultured butter instead of clarified butter, making its texture smooth and taste better. It is also chosen first among the cultured ghee and uncultured ghee because it contains lactic acid, which aids the digestion in the body and is a hundred percent lactose-free product.     You may find eateries promoting the usage of cultured ghee over standard oil as the former option gives a creamy texture to the dish and fills it with a natural aroma, thus making it a tempting treat.

What Makes Cultured Ghee Different From Normal Ghee?

They both might sound similar and almost look alike, but cultured ghee is finer and much in demand than the normal ghee. While ghee is prepared from the regular milk we drink, cultured ghee is specially made from clarified butter. Among these, other essential details differentiate these two forms of ghee-

  1. Aroma and Texture - While your routine, uncultured ghee comes with a mild aroma that might not affect your appetite with its taste, buying cultured ghee gives your food a new sense of taste, likable aroma, and a smooth texture. The difference in taste and aroma comes from the fermentation process that makes it a savior for those people who look for a specific taste in food. 
  2. An Essential Stomach Caretaker - Cultured ghee includes butyric acids that help the body maintain a steady colon, which is why it is suggested by dietitians to include a spoonful of cultured ghee in your food to support the metabolism of your body and keep the bowel movement steady. It also ensures that the toxins accumulated in your stomach are flushed out on even periods, thus partially reducing the overall body weight.
  3. Shelf-life - Although both uncultured and cultured ghee is meant to last for a longer time, the latter is proven to be much more effective for a longer time as it can be stored without the refrigeration atmosphere. Due to its fermented procedure, the taste of the cultured ghee remains the same as earlier, even when you use it after months.  
  4. Ingredients and Preparation - While regular ghee is made from simmering milk for hours, cultured ghee is specifically clarified from butter. It does not contain lactose, making it an equally edible product for lactose-intolerant people. 

What Are The Health Benefits Of Cultured Ghee?

Having that said about the differences between cultured and uncultured ghee, let's explore the advantages of using cultured ghee and what it offers - 

  • Enhances The Nervous System - An addition of cultured ghee in your routine diet nourishes your brain and strengthens the nervous system, increases memorization power, and reduces the offset of loss of retention potential. Dietitians recommend this to people of every age because having cultured ghee somewhat ensures steady mental growth over the years. 
  • Functions as Immunity Booster - Rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, cultured ghee is undoubtedly an immunity booster that enhances the strength of your body parts, fights bad cholesterol, and builds a protection wall against external pathogens and toxins. A moderate amount of cultured ghee consumption is essentially effective for those people who get sick frequently and have low metabolism.
  • Weight Loss - Speaking of it, many people have a terrible image of cultured ghee that it makes the person fat and puts excessive pressure on the colon. However, one of the uniqueness of consuming cultured ghee is that it partially reduces weight and intensifies the human body's metabolism.  
  • Skin and Health Care - Applying cultured ghee to cuts/wounds/bruises on your skin expedites the healing process and soothes the skin for better glow and health. Further, it can be applied to the scalp on your head to encourage hair growth as it contains Vitamin A, E, B, which smoothens the surface of the skull and offers natural relief from itching/scratching.
  • Strengthens the Bones - Cultured ghee includes Vitamin K2, which is a direct source to improve bone health and increase structure support in your body. Adding a spoonful of it to your supper significantly extracts the calcium from food ingredients and accumulates it for building stronger bones, thus preventing you from osteoporosis ailments. 

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