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Best Atta for Diabetics

Best Atta For Diabetic Patients In India 2023

What if we say you can eat your chapatis and still keep your insulin levels balanced? Yes, you really can!

We know that managing your blood sugar levels isn’t an easy feat - but, you certainly can’t survive without a balanced carbohydrate intake. So, why don’t you switch your regular atta and switch to atta for diabetics and give it a try 

You must be wondering how atta for diabetics differs from normal atta . Well , diabetic friendly atta is a special atta that is unrefined or unprocessed atta that typically contains a mix of grains, such as wheat, millets, oats, and legumes and are rich in fiber and proteins. These types of atta are rich in fibers and proteins and have a comparatively lower glycemic index. 

Your chapatis stays, your carb-intake remains balanced, and your insulin level stays in control - it’s dough-lightful! 

In this article, we will explore the best atta for diabetics available in India -its benefits and how it'll keep your blood sugar in check with its glycemic index properties. Let's understand first what glycemic index is and how does it work.

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                                        TABLE OF CONTENTS

  • What is glycemic index ?
  • Best Atta for Diabetics
  • Is Multigrain Atta good for diabetics
  • Is Emmer wheat good for diabetics 
  • How to choose the Best Atta for Diabetics
  • Conclusion

What is Glycemic Index - How Does it Work and its Function?

The glycemic index is a measure of how quickly carbohydrates in the food are broken down into glucose, absorbed into the bloodstream, and causes a rise in blood sugar levels. This is the index that helps us understand how different types of carbohydrates can affect our blood sugar levels. 

However, the pace at which the insulin levels increase is measured on the GI scale between the range of 0 to 100. 

The foods which are easily digested & absorbed by the body come with a GI of 70 or above and leads to a spike in blood sugar levels. While, the foods that are slowly digested come with a GI of 55 or below and results in slow & gradual increase of blood sugar. 

Now let's continue to read about the options for atta that are diabetic friendly

Best Atta for Diabetics - Options Available in India

There are so many options when it comes to choosing the best atta for diabetics. While some brands might claim to be “diabetic friendly atta”, the ingredients present in it might not do justice to your overall health. 

Below we have listed a number of atta varieties that are suited best for diabetic patients: 

Khapli Wheat FlourKhapli Wheat Flour

Being a diabetic, you are always on the lookout for foods with a lower glycemic index that can aid better control of blood sugar levels - and, Khapli atta by Two Brothers does all that and more. 

  1. As the Khapli atta (also known as Emmer wheat) is rich in dietary fibers, it slows down the absorption of sugar in your bloodstream, and does not result in a rapid insulin spike. 

  2. The high fiber intake also proves to be very beneficial for better heart health and weight management.

  3. Besides, Khapli atta happens to be a great source of vitamins and minerals, which not only regulates your blood sugar levels but also ensures overall health and wellbeing. 

  4. The side effects of the atta are none compared to the regular atta as they are harvested in traditional methods without any added preservatives. 

Buckwheat Flour

Next up, you can give buckwheat wheat atta a shot too because it is low in glycemic index, which doesn’t let your insulin levels spike up. The fiber content of buckwheat atta is also quite high, that not only fulfills your regular fiber needs but also slows down the absorption of sugar in the bloodstream. 

Diabetic people often lag behind when it comes to their regular protein intake - but buckwheat atta takes care of that too - thanks to its high protein content. Moreover, this atta happens to be completely gluten-free and can stabilize your digestive system by taking care of your gut health. 

Almond Flour

Even though almond flour has gained popularity recently, it has always been a staple for many due to its high-fiber and healthy fats content. This flour consists of a comparatively lower carbohydrate content and has a lower glycemic index that doesn’t let your glucose levels spike up. 

As the almond flour is high in protein and healthy fats, having it in breakfast is ideal because it can keep you full for a long time, till lunch. When you don’t feel hungry mid-day, the chances of you indulging in junk snacks are also quite less. Also, imagine, what magic this can do in your weight management journey!

Coconut Flour

If you want to indulge in some baked foods then and now but do not want your insulin to spike up, then coconut flour is a great option. As the atta is low in carbohydrate, its glycemic index is also on a lower curve and that’s why your insulin levels won’t spike up instantly.

Coconut flour is gluten-free as well, so even if you have digestive issues with regular carbs, you can still consume this flour. However, it is important to note that coconut flour is very observant in nature and needs to be used in smaller quantities compared to other diabetic flours. 

Bajra Atta


Bajra atta, also known as pearl millet, is another popular flour with a low-glycemic index and high fiber and nutrient content. While the taste of the chapati is somewhat compromised and looks a bit darker compared to the regular atta, it keeps you full for long. 

If you have been recently trying to get into a healthy diet and cannot control your mid-day cravings, try having bajra chapati for breakfast - your hunger pangs won’t creep in. Diabetic individuals often tend to go through a potassium deficiency in their body, but bajra atta makes up for that too!

Quinoa Flour

Made from a seed named Quinoa, the flour is quite popular among the Gen Z generation due to its gluten-free properties and lower carbohydrate content - and, that’s what makes it apt for diabetic individuals. The low glycemic index and complex carbohydrates present in the flour not only stabilizes your insulin levels but also helps you shed off the extra pounds.

How to choose the best Atta for Diabetics?

Best Atta for Diabetic Patients

Choosing the best atta for diabetics can be a bit confusing, as there are many different types and brands available in the market. Here are some tips to help you choose:

Look for whole grain Atta

Choose atta that is made from whole grains, as it is higher in fiber, and has a lower glycaemic index than refined Atta. Whole green Atta consists of all parts of the grain, including the bran and the endosperm which makes it a healthier option for people with diabetes. 

Check the glycaemic index

Go for the atta that has a lower glycaemic index because it will cause a slower and more gradual increase in the insulin levels compared to the sudden spike. It is important to check the glycaemic index before purchasing the atta on the back of the package. If you are purchasing online, you can check it in the product descriptions section.

Avoid added sugar and preservatives

Nowadays, you will get many atta brands with added flavors and sugars, which only leads to a rapid spike in your blood sugar levels. If you are looking to manage your blood sugar levels, skip such a product and go for the atta that is minimally processed and doesn’t contain any refined ingredients.

Consider the nutrient content

There are probably a number of diabetic atta brands that are available presently. However, each of them might differ when it comes to their nutrient content. It is suggested to go for the order that is rich in proteins, healthy fats, iron, zinc, potassium, and more. 

These nutrients not only take care of your overall well-being, but also ensure a stabilized blood sugar level.

FAQ: Best Atta For Diabetic Patients In India

Is Multigrain Atta really good for diabetics?

If you have been consuming regular wheat flour and refined flour for a long time now, multigrain atta can be a really great alternative. The content of direct carbohydrates are comparatively less in multigrain atta as it consists of a major quantity of grains and cereals. 

It is usually a mix of oats, millets, wheat, soy and barley and is thus rich in nutrients. From a low glycemic index to high fiber content and healthy fats - you can enjoy it all from multigrain atta along with magical blood sugar management.

However, while purchasing multigrain atta, don’t forget to check the grains present in it because all of them might not be ideal for your insulin management. Besides, some commercially available multigrain atta might contain added sugars and refined grains which can pose a threat to your blood sugar. 

Is Emmer Wheat good for diabetes?

Emmer wheat proves to be a great alternative for people with diabetes because of its minimally processed grains and no sugar content. There is even some research which suggests that consuming Emmer wheat may improve insulin sensitivity in diabetic individuals. When you have an improved insulin sensitivity, your body uses insulin more effectively which can result in better blood sugar management. 

Besides, just like any other diabetic flour, Emmer wheat also has a lower glycaemic index and higher fiber and protein content which ensures better weight management and a stabilized blood glucose level. You can also find nutrients like protein, healthy fats, and minerals like iron and zinc in this flour that will contribute to better health management.

Which roti is good for diabetes?

For people with diabetes, whole wheat roti (chapati) are a healthier option than refined wheat flour. Because it contains more fiber and has a lower GI than white flour, whole wheat flour can help control blood sugar levels.

Is corn flour good for diabetics?

Due to its moderate to high GI, corn flour has the potential to quickly raise blood sugar levels. The best option for diabetics is not this. Choose whole corn or cornmeal (coarsely ground corn) instead of finely processed corn flour if you want to use corn products because they have a lower GI.

What is the sugar content in wheat?

Although wheat does contain some sugar naturally, it is not usually a major source of sugar in the diet. For diabetics, wheat's high carbohydrate content, which might impact blood sugar levels, is the main cause for concern. Compared to refined wheat flour, whole wheat flour has more fiber and minerals, making it a healthier option for diabetics.


There you have it! Now that you know about the best atta for diabetics, choosing the right one won’t be much of a hurdle. 

By considering some of the best whole grain options with a lower glycaemic index, like Emmer Wheat you can still enjoy your favorite chapatis without spiking up your blood sugar levels. So, go ahead and start experimenting with your taste buds !!

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