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5 Easy And Tasty Rice Flour Recipes

5 Easy And Tasty Rice Flour Recipes

Rice flour is a versatile ingredient, and Indians know their way around it. From breakfast to lunch or evening snacks to dinner, rice flour blends well with myriads of cuisines.  

If you are searching for Rice Flour Recipes, you must be overwhelmed by the number of options out there. 

Don't worry! Your search for easy and tasty rice flour recipes ends here. This article will cover 5 rice flour recipes with tried and tested methods. 

                                              Table of Contents

  • What makes Rice Flour So Popular
  • Nutritional Profile of Rice Flour
  • 5 Easy And Tasty Rice Flour Recipes
  • Takeaway

Before we take a look at recipes with rice flour, let's see what makes rice flour or chawal ka atta a must-have ingredient in the kitchen.

What Makes Rice Flour So Popular ?

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Here are some qualities of rice flour that make it a staple cuisine in so many different states of India : 

  • Organic rice flour is gluten free and easy to digest.
  • Cooking with rice flour is a simple and quick process.
  • Rice flour can be steamed, rolled in chapati, baked, air-fried or fried.
  • You can mix rice flour with besan, ragi, oats, wheat flour, semolina, etc., to customise your taste and diet.
  • One can use rice flour in a savoury or sweet dish of your choice.
  • Rice flour adds a crunch to the dish when fried and softens when steamed thus making it a versatile ingredient.

Nutritional Profile of Rice Flour

When it comes to the nutritional profile, rice flour comes amongst the list of one of the healthiest flours available.Stone ground chawal ka atta or rice flour contains a good amount of :

  • Protein
  • Fibre
  • Vitamins -
  • Niacin
  • B6
  • Thiamin
  • Pantothenic acid (B5)
  • Vitamin E
    • Minerals-
    • Iron
    • Magnesium
    • Phosphorus
    • Potassium
    • Manganese
    • Copper
    • Zinc  

    Look at all the nutrients packed in the native variety of rice flour! Let's now look at some quick rice flour recipes

    5 Easy And Tasty Rice Flour Recipes

    Here are  5 rice flour recipes that are beginner friendly, take less time to cook, and can come in handy when the hunger pangs hit you in the middle of the day :

    1. Rice flour pancakes
    2. Rice flour dosa/Neer dosa recipe
    3. Akki roti or rice flour roti
    4. Rice flour masala paratha
    5. Crunchy Rice Flour Snack Kurkure

    1 - Rice Flour Pancakes (Gluten Free Pancake recipe) 

    Rice Flour pancake

    This rice flour pancake recipe needs just 5 ingredients and contains protein, healthy fats and carbs to keep you energized throughout the day.

    Ingredients for rice flour pancake :

    • Rice four 
    • Sweetener (coconut sap sugar, jaggery, stevia, sugar-free, brown sugar, etc.)
    • Milk (regular or almond, soy or oats, etc.)
    • Baking powder
    • Flavouring agent (cardamom or cinnamon or vanilla, etc.) 

    Cooking Instructions for Rice Flour Pancakes :

    1. Take a bowl and beat the eggs with milk till they are nice and frothy.
    2. Then, add your choice of sweetener and flavouring agent to the mixture.
    3. Mix the rice flour and baking powder into the mixture and blend it well.
    4. Add milk to adjust the consistency and taste the pancake batter to make adjustments, if any.
    5. The batter is ready!
    6. Pour a ladle of batter on a pre-greased and hot pan, and spread it a little.
    7. Let it cook on a medium flame for a few minutes; once the bubbles appear, flip them over.
    8. Cook the other side as well till golden brown.
    9. Serve them hot with jam, maple syrup or gud ka raab (liquid jaggery) for added richness.

    It hardly takes 15 minutes to make these pancakes, and thus are a must-have to satiate your and your child's cravings.

    2 - Rice Flour Dosa/ Neer Dosa Recipe

    rice flour dosa

    Neer dosa is a saviour for dosa lovers, and it is light and soft and melts in the mouth in seconds. This is a recipe for people staying in hostels and for mothers looking to pack a quick snack .

    Its customised version, also known as rice flour cheela, is also heavily enjoyed in Indian households. It's easy to cook as well as to digest.

    Ingredients for rice flour dosa or neer dosa :

    • Rice flour
    • Water
    • Salt

    Cooking Instructions for Rice Flour Dosa :

    1. All you need to do is mix rice flour and water till a runny batter is formed. Make sure it has no lumps, and add salt to taste.
    2. Now, heat a dosa tawa or a flat pan. Grease it with oil.
    3. Pour a scoop of batter on the heated tava and spread it evenly, thin or thick, based on your preference.
    4. Let it cook until the sides curl up, then flip it over.
    5. Cook for another minute or two.
    6. Plate the Neer dosa with your favourite chutney, curry or coconut sap jaggery. 

    Healthy tip- Add finely chopped vegetables, onion, carrots and capsicum to the batter to make it more wholesome and flavorful.

    3 - Akki Roti Or Rice Flour Roti

    Akki Roti

    Akki roti, or rice roti, is a staple of every South Indian home. Regions of Mangalore, Coorg and Ooty use it in their everyday meal. 

    Traditionally it is cooked on a banana leaf, absorbing a faint taste of the leaf, akki roti leaves an unforgettable taste on the palette.

    Don't worry; you don't need a banana leaf or have to go to South India to relish this delightful rice flour roti. This recipe will bring it to your table.

    Ingredients for Akki roti or rice roti

    • Rice flour - 1 cup
    • Water - 1.5 cup
    • Oil - 1 teaspoon
    • Salt 

    Cooking Instructions for Akki Roti Or Rice Flour Roti

    1. Add salt and oil to some water.
    2. Boil it in a deep pan and take it off the flame/stove.
    3. Add the rice flour and mix it gently. Now, cover it and leave it for 5 minutes.
    4. Knead the mixture with your hands to get a soft dough-like consistency.
    5. Portion the dough into small balls and keep them covered to prevent drying.
    6. Take one ball and roll it gently to form small rotis. You can use rice flour for dusting.
    7. Heat the tava and place the roti on it.
    8. Cook both sides till the roti starts to fluff up. 

    Your akki roti is ready! Serve them hot with curries or chutneys, and enjoy.

    Pro Tip– You can also use a roti-maker to make rotis.

    4 - Rice Flour Masala Paratha

    Rice Flour Masala Paratha

    The rice flour masala paratha recipe will save the day when you want something delicious effortlessly and in no time.

    It's also perfect as a kids' lunch box recipe and takeaways.

    Ingredients for rice flour masala paratha

    • Rice flour - 1 cup
    • Water - 1.5 cup
    • Oil - 1 teaspoon
    • Salt 
    • Finely chopped vegetables- onions, capsicum, carrots (as per your choice)
    • Green chillies
    • Ginger grated
    • Cumin
    • Coriander chopped

    Cooking Instructions for rice flour masala paratha

    1. Add salt and oil to the water.
    2. Boil it in a deep pan and take it off the flame/stove.
    3. Add the rice flour and mix it gently. Now, cover it and leave it for 5 minutes.
    4. Add the remaining ingredients: vegetables, cumin, ginger, green chillies and coriander to the flour and water mix.
    5. Knead the mixture with your hands to get a soft dough-like consistency.
    6. Portion the dough into small balls and keep them covered to prevent drying.
    7. Take one ball and roll it gently to form small parathas. You can use rice flour for dusting.
    8. Heat the tava and place the paratha on it. 
    9. Apply oil or ghee on both sides of the paratha.
    10. Cook both sides till the paratha gets a golden brown colour. 

    The Masala rice flour paratha is ready! Serve them hot with curd, curries, or chutneys of your choice, and enjoy.

    5 - Crunchy Rice Flour Snack

    This rice flour snack is a favourite among kids. The best part is that it goes well with tea/coffee or any other beverage, and you can prepare beforehand to whisk up a quick rice flour snack later.

    Ingredients for crunchy rice flour snack

    • Rice flour – 1 cup
    • Besan or gram flour – one-fourth cup
    • Water - 1 cup
    • Green chillies chopped or red chilli powder - to taste
    • Salt 
    • Cumin - 1 teaspoon
    • Kasturi methi – 1 spoon crushed
    • Turmeric – 1 teaspoon
    • Ginger – 1 spoon grated
    • Oil to fry, shallow fry or air fry

    Health Tip – You can add veggies, boiled potatoes, spinach puree, etc., to customise it to your taste.

    Cooking Instructions for Crunchy Rice Flour Kurkure Snack

    1. First, prepare the rice dough as described above for akki roti.
    2. Now, add besan and all the remaining ingredients.
    3. Knead it well to make a soft dough.
    4. Then, divide them into small portions and roll them into thick flat roti. 
    5. Cut the roti with a knife into a small square/rectangular or any other shape of your choice.
    6. Prick some holes in them to avoid fluffing.
    7. Fry or shallow fry or spray some oil on them and air fry till they have a nice golden colour.
    8. Once done, sprinkle some chat masala and serve.

    That's it! You can be creative with this recipe, including your kids to make different shapes out of the dough. Everybody loves this version as it tastes and feels very similar to Kurkure.


    What Dishes Made With Rice Flour?

    A versatile component used in many different cuisines is rice flour. It serves as the base for the South Indian dishes dosas and neer dosas, which are thin pancakes and crepes, respectively. Additionally, rice flour is used in gluten-free recipes to make rotis or flatbreads. It also plays a major part in snacks like the crispy Indian delight known as murukku. Rice flour noodles, or idiyappam, are another well-liked delicacy. Rice flour may be used in both sweet and savory recipes due to its neutral flavor, which makes it a versatile gluten-free option in many culinary traditions.

    What Are Different Rice Flour Usage?

    Among its many uses are as a gluten-free baking substitute (for bread, cakes, and cookies), an essential component of Asian noodles and dumplings, a crunchy frying coating, a thickening agent for soups and sauces, and a foundation for a variety of Indian cuisines. It's also used in recipes that don't contain gluten and appears in beauty products like exfoliants and face masks.

    How To Make Flour Rice?

    It is easy to make rice flour at home. First, rinse and soak one cup of rice for four to six hours, or overnight. Once the rice has drained, use a blender or grinder to ground it into a fine powder. After the ground rice has been sieved to remove any large particles, keep the rice flour that is left behind in an airtight container. This homemade rice flour is a versatile and fresh addition to your recipes, and it can be utilized for many other types of culinary applications.

    What Are Healthy Rice Flour Recipes For Breakfast?

    Use rice flour to make gluten-free pancakes by combining it with milk and eggs for a nutritious breakfast option. Idli, a healthy and airy steamed rice flour cake, is an additional choice. A tasty and healthful breakfast option are appam, which are rice flour hoppers cooked with coconut milk, yeast, and salt. Moreover, a hot bowl of rice flour porridge with honey or maple syrup on top makes a nourishing and cozy breakfast. 


    So, now you know the following easy and tasty rice flour recipes:

    • Rice flour breakfast recipes of fluffy pancakes,  
    • Rice flour recipes snacks for Crunchy Kurkure,
    • Rice flour recipes Indian for Akki roti, Masala paratha, and
    • Rice flour dosa recipe for Neer dosa

    To get the best taste and health benefits out of these recipes, it's important to use quality ingredients. Make sure to use organic rice flour made from unpolished rice grain. 

    Many chefs recommend using native rice to make rice flour because it tastes better than other rice grains and is nutrient-rich. Everyone can't make their own rice flour, right?

    Check out TwoBrothers organic rice flour made from stone-grounding native rice grain and enjoy the health benefits by making these healthy rice flour recipes.

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