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What Makes Ghee a Regular Option for Use in our Kitchens?

We Indians love our food, don't we? No matter how bland the day goes, a good meal can instantly fix our day. Our rich cuisine has earned a place of repute and recognition globally. Be it Diwali or a Shaadi, we Indians leave no stones unturned in ensuring the best in our menu. 

What makes Indian Cuisine a hit is its rich and unique flavours. Certain ingredients make Indian Cuisines unique and add that quintessential touch to them. One ingredient is Ghee.  

What is Ghee?

Clarified Butter or Ghee refers to the product obtained from regular butter. Upon melting regular butter, it separates into liquid butter and milk solids. Once we remove the milk solids, we obtain ghee. 

What makes ghee a hit, is the rich and deluxe flavour it adds to any meal. Whether it’s biryani or ladoos, anything cooked in ghee is filled with flavours and aroma. This is why, irrespective of being introduced to global cuisines, the flavour of ghee unites generations across.

But did you know that ghee has many health benefits? Yes, don’t be shocked because you heard it right. The buzzwords in the past had viewed ghee as ‘unhealthy’, as it was supposed to be rich in calories. But recent research has shown that ghee has several health benefits. This is why today ghee is considered to be a ‘superfood’ and is increasingly adopted by the west. 

This is even supplemented by Ayurvedic Texts. Ayurveda not only recommends the use of ghee in our kitchen, but also uses it in many medicines. Now that explains why best desi ghee has been an essential ingredient in our mother’s and grandmother’s kitchen.

What Makes Ghee a Regular Option?

Want to know why Ghee is a superfood? We hear it as a big YES. This is why in today’s blog we will be listing down the many benefits of ghee, which makes it a regular option in our kitchen.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

In Ayurveda, ghee has always been used to treat swellings and burns. This means that ghee has certain anti-inflammatory properties. It contains Burayate, a fatty acid that is supposed to reduce inflammation. Recent studies have also shown that butyrate in ghee can soothe inflammation in the body.

Aids Weight Loss

It might seem bizarre, but ghee can aid your weight loss journey. Yes, don’t be surprised, my friend! Ghee contains an acid called conjugated linoleic acid or CLA. And studies have proven that CLA does combat obesity. More reasons to include the best desi ghee online in our diet!

Aids your Digestion

Another reason to add ghee to your diet is because of its digestive properties. Science has proven that the key to having a healthy body is to have a healthy gut. Research has proven that good hut health ensures a good immunity level, heart health, brain health and even prevents cancer and autoimmune diseases. This is why in ancient India, it was mandatory to consume a spoonful before every meal, as that aided your digestion and protects you from ulcers and cancers.

Treats Menstrual Problem

If you are having menstrual problems, then ghee is all you need in your diet. Yes, you heard it right. When ghee is added to your diet, it works like a magic potion in reducing your menstrual cramps and making the entire process easy on you. It can also work wonders while you're PMSing or even if you have issues like missed periods. And if you are pregnant, ghee is your potion.

Good for your Bones

Want to improve your bone health? Ghee is the answer to your bone woes then. Best Desi Ghee does not only add flavours to your diet and meals. It also strengthens your bones and boosts your health. It is rich in vitamin K which ensures better calcium absorption. It also prevents conditions like tooth decay and atherosclerosis.

Good for Eyes and Skins

Ghee is also very rich in essential vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin E. This makes it very good for our eyes and our skin. Vitamin A and Vitamin E are also very essential for the healthy functioning of the liver, hormonal production and fertility. That explains why you should only have the best desi ghee in India.

A High Smoke Point

What makes ghee ideal to cook our food, is that it has a high smoke point. This means that it doesn’t cut into free radicals at a high temperature. Free radicals are responsible for hazardous diseases like cancer. Thus ghee is an ideal and stable fat for cooking.

Flavour and Aroma

Last but not the least, ghee makes an ideal ingredient in our kitchen because of its flavours. Anything cooked in ghee becomes 10X delicious in terms of taste and aroma. This makes ghee so very irresistible to us and makes it a regular item in our kitchen. Who knew taste and health could combine so very seamlessly!

To reap the many benefits of ghee, it is very essential that you only consume the best desi ghee in India. Wondering where should you get that from? Well, do not fret as you are on the right page. If you are looking for anything organic, Two Brother’s Organic Farm is your One-Stop Solution. Whether it is the best desi ghee online or the best quality of jaggery, our products are produced via regenerative farming. This farming technique ensures that along with your health, we also look after the health of our Mother Nature. Our commitment to the purest and best organic produce has made us a favourite from celebrities to commoners. 

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