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Khapli Wheat Flour

Its good, but it takes time to get used to the brownish colour of chapatis as compared to the regular wheat chapati which is white

Amla Murabba
Pawan Kumar Sharma Sharma
Awla murabba

Amla murabba is so good because Desi awla and jaggery. I like it

Forest honey

I think it's a genuine product n you can go for it.

Worst customer service

Requested cancellation of order as soon as it was placed , but customer service didnt took effort to cancel the order. Did couple of follow up with the team but all in vain and finally received wrong product. Need to have better customer care support if you dont want to loose customers.

Product is good but received in damaged condition

There were full of ants in the pack..please ensure the packaging in done second worst experience in package....products are good but please ensure it reaches the customer on time and in good condition..


Some chakli where soft qnt some too heard to eat .. salt was less ....

Khapli Mathari Sticks
Tanuja Vaswani
Yummy mathari sticks

Enjoyed the crispy mathari sticks. Filling and tasty they are a delight before a workout as well as with drinks.

Super quality


Wholesome and delicious!


Excellent product! We're happy to switch over to this variety of wheat and are happy with the quality as well.

Coconut Sap Jaggery
Dhirendra Singh

Its amazing taste and quality.

Good product

Good packing
Good quality and taste
Health benefit

Best Wheat Grain

Best Wheat Grain

Very good jaggery

Delicious jaggery with a hint of winter spices. Recommended

Have not tried yet.

Date Palm Jaggery Solid, Pure Date Palm Sap

Taste is good but need to improve with hygiene

Found a medium length curly hair inside a laddu

Abhishek Reddy Yeddula
Disappointed this time

First time I ordered it had smooth texture, but this time its too dry

Not at all impressed with the chakli quality and millets Farzana. I have returned chakli. Have be...

Not at all impressed with the chakli quality and millets Farzana. I have returned chakli. Have been requesting for sattu atta instead of paying me the balance. But there has been no response. Kindly look into it and send me sattu atta as soon as possible. Thank you!

Good quality wheat

Its good quality of wheat and best for health

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