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Smell and taste speaks for the quality!

Loved the taste!

Very good product

The taste and quality is very good!

Excellent Ghee

The ghee was flavorful and tasty. TB sent me latest packaging and our kids loved it. They were able to find the difference in taste. Thanks TB!!

Mothers Recipes Book
Michael Smith
Tasty Recipes!

This is an outstanding cookbook. Worth every rupee. So many tasty recipes and tips inside. A great gift idea too!

Jowar & Whole Black Gram Atta, 1 kg

buffalo ghee


Gurpreet Machra
Two brothers Gulukand

It’s worth the price. Excellent results. Great quality.

quality superb

superb quality .gonna purchase again.

Lemon Pickle
Nirma Saravanan

Tastes great.. after having lemon pickle my lunch is full filled..

Very good flour

We always grappled with digestion issue with chapati or paratha .. this flour was blessing for us . We were able to digest much better

Coconut oil, unrefined

Extremely good quality. Feels fresh, thick n flavourful. Ordered in glass bottle, even better. Very well packaged as well. Happy using it.

Panjiri Mix
Surabhi Tewari

It was so good like homemade it reminds me of my mom

Genuine Product

One can trust the brand as they deliver what they promise

TBOF Chyawanprash I Season Special I Native Ingredients

Moong Dal
raj goyal
Excellent quality

The bansi wheat flour is of excellent quality. The rotis made from it are very soft and taste good

Glad I tried it!

Amazing atta .. though different from the usual one eats .. much darker in colour.. so you think ok what atta is this ! But believe you me .. it just worked like magic… no feeling of heaviness after a meal.. lighter on the stomach ! Eat for a month for you to make out the difference .

Sattu and Jaggery Laddoo, No Sugar

Nice and tasty..It becomes white rice like after cooking!

Raw Cashew Nuts
Manjit singh sarao

Raw Cashew Nuts

Excellent product

Real traditional remedy

Pink Himalayan Rock Salt
himabindu muthyala

Pink Himalayan Rock Salt

Nutritious and tastes good
Very soft

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