Farmer's Kitaab

Millets are a complex carbohydrate.Which means,the body needs to work to digest it and it gives a slow release of energy which keeps the body sugars from fluctuating. Rice based Indian snacks like chakkli/murukku are being replaced by millets.
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Sprouting millets is an excellent method to enhance nutrition from millets.

Sprouting after soaking removes all anti nutrients and makes them extremely easy to digest and absorb.

Helps improve haemoglobin levels

Sprouted Ragi is extremely beneficial for lactating mothers as well as a nutrient dense baby-food.

A great choice of nutrition for Diabetics and people managing lifestyle disorders.

The Ragi malt powder made by TBOF is most suited for busy people - it assures babies, growing children, adults and the elders a wholesome supply of nutrition; especially since these are soaked and spouted and then sieved. The malting process boosts the nutrition assimilation manifolds. Make Nachni Satva a part of your meals atleast thrice a week for the health of the entire family.
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As a conscientious food brand we at Two Brothers are gathering stories, documenting recipes and entering social media spaces to make sure our efforts are seen, heard and felt. If we want to inspire food education on the right path the onus is on us to give it our best shot. We want to bring back the experience of the authentic Indian way of life and package it to suit modern living.

The Diwali DIY gift solution is a part of that process. We see it as a win-win. The customer gets everything handed over in a beautifully curated kit and learns to hone some cooking skills while we get to see our efforts go into the making of a healthier nation; one product at a time.

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