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healthy snacks for kids

It’s Munch-Time with 5 Healthy Snacks for Kids

Elevate your child's nutrition with our blog on 5 healthy snacks for kids. Discover tasty options, from fruit bowls to ragi cookies, ensuring both flavor and essential nutrients. Opt for organic goodness with Two Brothers Organic Farms ingredients. Munch on health today!

In the journey of childhood, nutrition plays a pivotal role in shaping the growth and development of the young. Your kids do need a well-balanced diet but sometimes they might not want to eat all the foods. 

So, what can parents do in such a situation? It is time for healthy snacks! 

Kids are growing and learning, and what they eat is crucial. Healthy snacks play a big role in giving them the nutrition they need for optimal growth.

When you choose snacks that you make from healthy and organic ingredients it means dual health benefits for your kid.

Not only will the kids satisfy their hunger, but they will also receive energy and essential vitamins with each bite. So, ditch the fried and sugary treats for healthy options that are also tasty.

Now, without further ado, let’s explore five healthy snacks for kids

Table of Contents

  • 5 Healthy Snacks for Kids 
  • FAQs: It’s Munch-Time with 5 Healthy Snacks for Kids
  • Conclusion 

5 Healthy Snacks for Kids

Explore five super yummy and healthy snacks that your little ones will love. These snacks will make a profound impact on their health and overall well-being.

1. Fruit Bowl

Fruits are not only delicious but also a rich source of essential nutrients that are vital for a child's development. However, getting kids to eat fruits can sometimes be a challenge. 

Fortunately, you can adopt "tricks" to encourage them to enjoy these nutritious treats.

  • One way you can make fruits more exciting is by adding honey and cow ghee. Honey is a natural sweetener that may enhance the taste of fruits, while ghee adds a rich creamy texture. Not just that, ghee is also rich in antioxidants and protein, essential for growing.
  • Together, they can transform a plain fruit into a delicious and healthy snack for children. You can also make the fruits look delicious to kids by presenting them in a bowl, creating a mix with spices like chaat masala.

healthy snacks for kids

Including fruits in a kid’s diet is essential as the nutrients in them are essential to their overall health. However, there are also other healthy snacks for children that you can prepare. Let’s take a closer look at them.

2. Roasted Chickpeas

Here is one of the healthy snack recipes for kids that you should try: Roasted split chickpeas or chana dal make delightful and nutritious snacks.  

To make this snack, soak the chickpeas for a few hours and then drain them. Roast them with salt and mild spices; avoid making it too spicy since it's intended for kids.

Chickpeas are rich in plant-based protein. This helps in the growth and development of children. Protein helps in muscle formation, immune support, and overall energy.

They are also high in dietary fibres and promote a healthy gut contributing to a feeling of fullness. This will stop your kids from binge-eating.

Chickpeas are rich in iron, magnesium, and B vitamins that support bodily functions. They help in the production of red blood cells and aid metabolism. They also aid in sustaining energy.

They include unsaturated fat, promoting heart health and helping the development of the mind.

Check out our next healthy and tasty snack alternative that you may make for the kids. This snack is not only quick to prepare but also a nutritious option.

3. Mixed Nuts and Seeds

Try this wholesome snack mix of sesame seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and raw cashew nuts. A combination of these seeds and dry fruits like cashew makes a delicious and nutritious snack for your kid’s cravings. 

Apart from offering a variety of flavours, it also provides multiple health benefits.

These are the best snacks for kids as sesame seeds are a source of healthy fats, calcium, iron, and zinc. They are rich in antioxidants that aid overall well-being.

Flax seeds are wealthy in omega-3 fatty acids and fibre, aiding in brain development, digestion, and possessing anti-inflammatory properties. These tiny seeds are a dietary powerhouse.

Thirdly, sunflower seeds have Vitamin E and selenium. They support immune function and contribute to bone health. They also provide a satisfying crunch to the snack.

Add cashew nuts, which are a rich source of healthy protein and essential minerals like zinc and copper, essential for immunity.

    healthy snacks for kids

    Adding these mixed nuts and seeds snacks will appease your kid’s cravings while supporting their growth and well-being.

    As you add these to your diet, do not forget some healthy snacks for kids like paratha. You can give them these snacks in the evening.

    4. Stuffed Paratha Rolls

    If you are looking for some more filling and heavy snacks that are also healthy, why not make parathas for your kids? Prepare the nutrient-rich vegetable paratha rolls using freshly made tawa parathas, ensuring they are hot. 

    Heat a teaspoon of oil or A2 ghee in a pan on medium heat, and sauté vegetables with a sprinkle of salt and masala until they are tender. Simultaneously, pressure-cook peeled potatoes, mash them when done, and set aside. Then add spice powders and the boiled, mashed potato, adjusting the spice levels according to taste.

    For the wrap, place the cooked flatbread or Khapli wheat paratha on a ‘tawa’, add a portion of the roasted vegetables in the centre, and fold the two opposite ends over the filling. Roll the paratha tightly from one open end, securing it with foil or butter paper.

    Parathas made from Khapli wheat and cooked in A2 ghee offers a nutritious twist to traditional Indian cuisine.

    healthy snacks for kids

    Khapli wheat is rich in fibre, assists digestion. It also contains crucial minerals like iron and magnesium.

    A2 ghee, derived from indigenous cow breeds, is a supply of wholesome fat, which consists of omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid. These fats assist cardiovascular fitness and decorate immunity.

        This combination provides a well-balanced meal, making it a nourishing choice for those seeking wholesome nutritious options as one of the healthy snacks for kids. 

        5. Ragi/Finger Millet Cookies

        Here is the last on this list of ‘healthy snacks for kids'- Ragi cookies. Kids love to eat cookies but most of them are just a heap of sugar and not good for their health. So, here is an alternative- Ragi cookies.

        Ragi retains all components of the grain, thus it is a whole grain. It is a nutritious option owing to its content of dietary fibre, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

        Ragi is rich in essential nutrients like calcium, iron, and fibre, promoting overall growth and development in children.

        It is also an excellent source of calcium, and contributes to strong bone and teeth formation in growing kids, reducing the risk of bone-related issues.

        Ragi is a good source of iron, aiding in the prevention of anaemia and ensuring healthy oxygen transport throughout the body.

        The high fibre content in Ragi supports digestion, helps maintain a healthy weight, and regulates blood sugar levels, promoting sustained energy throughout the day.

        Ragi contains antioxidants that help in boosting the immune system, protecting children from common illnesses and infections.

        Being naturally gluten-free, Ragi is a suitable grain for children with gluten sensitivity, providing a nutritious alternative for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

            FAQs: It’s Munch-Time with 5 Healthy Snacks for Kids

            How can I inspire my child to eat healthier snacks?

            You can use a colourful veggie platter or narrate stories during snack time to encourage your kid to eat all the healthy snacks. Telling them stories about the nutritious foods they are eating will make them more interested in the foods.

            How is Khapli atta good for my kids?

            Khapli atta, or emmer wheat, is a nutritious preference for children because of its better fibre content, essential vitamins, and lower gluten stages compared to hybrid wheat. It can contribute to better digestion and sustained energy for growing children.

            Are these snacks gluten-free?

            The gluten content of these snacks depends on the ingredients present in them. Check product labels for gluten-free certification or pick out naturally gluten-free alternatives like fruits, greens, nuts, and seeds for a healthier snacking option in case your child has gluten sensitivity.

            How much protein do children need?

            Kids need approximately 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight for healthy growth and development. Ensure they get a good enough protein intake via a balanced diet plan which includes dairy, legumes, and nuts, assisting growth and improvement.


            Nutrition during childhood is crucial for growth and development. While maintaining a well-balanced diet can be challenging, healthy snacks emerge as a solution. Try these five healthy snacks for kids that you may make with ingredients from Two Brothers Organic Farms

            All these snacks not only satisfy hunger but also provide essential energy and vitamins. Choosing wholesome snacks for kids is a meaningful investment in their health and future. Stay tuned for more healthy food selections!

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