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Best Indian Breakfast For Weight Loss

Best Indian Breakfast For Weight Loss

In a country where, in the morning, the streets are filled with the tempting aromas of deep-fried kachoris, jalebis, vada pav, and more, finding the best Indian breakfast for weight loss can appear daunting at first.

Contrary to popular belief, Indian breakfasts are not limited to high-calorie foods. There are traditional dishes and grains that are low in calories and promote weight loss without depriving you of other essential nutrients.

Surely, following weight loss diets like Weight Watchers, Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Mediterranean, etc. is in trend. However, on closer inspection, each of them leaves out one or two food groups from your diet. For which you need to take supplements, right? 

The power of Indian food lies in its diversity. Most Indian traditional meals have superfoods like millet (jowar, ragi, bajra, etc.), whole grains (lentils and pulses), spices (turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, etc.), healthy fats (coconut oil, ghee, sesame oil, etc.), and vegetables (carbs, fibre, and antioxidants), which make the whole diet complete.

But, how to pick the best Indian breakfast for weight loss, amongst the gazillion dishes found in India? That’s the question you should be asking!

Continue reading to find the most effective Indian breakfast for weight loss to accelerate your fitness journey.    

Table of Contents

  • How to Start Your Morning For Weight Loss 
  • 7 Best Low-Calorie Indian Breakfasts
  • FAQs: Best Indian Breakfast For Weight Loss
  • Conclusion

How to Start Your Morning For Weight Loss 

The first thing you consume in the morning sets your body’s metabolism for the whole day. Let’s see what you should consume in the morning for weight loss after waking up.

Begin your morning with a detox drink to increase your metabolic rate. A simple drink of honey mixed with lukewarm water and lemon is enough. Learn more about How To Use Honey For Weight Loss? effectively.

Forest Honey


After the detox drink, give yourself another 30 to 40 minutes to let it do its work. In the meantime, you can exercise or tend to your morning chores.

After 30 to 40 minutes, you can eat a protein and fiber-rich breakfast. Protein takes more time to digest, and fibre helps flush out toxins from the system. Club it with one type of fruit to get phytonutrients that help with weight loss.

Alright, let’s see some quick and easy, low-calorie Indian breakfasts for the whole week. 

7 Best Low-Calorie Indian Breakfasts

One of the critical factors in weight loss is calories. When you consume fewer calories than your daily requirement, you start losing weight gradually. A low-calorie diet helps you achieve the daily calorie deficit goal, so you can lose weight. 

Here are seven low-calorie Indian breakfasts to help you regulate the first meal of your day without any stress.   

1. Millet Cereals with Skimmed Milk

Many people struggle to eat millet on a daily basis, even after knowing all of its proven health benefits, including weight management. A simple way to consume this superfood is through millet cereals

Organic millet cereals are a perfect blend of millets, dry fruits, essential seeds, and other whole grains. They are rich in protein, fibre, minerals and vitamins. A bowl of cereal with skimmed milk will fill you up for a good two or three hours. 

Here are a few most loved millet cereals to start your day: Ragi Almond Crunchy Cereal Mix, Rajgira Ragi & Rice Krispies Cereal Mix, and Almond Rajgira Crunchy Cereal Mix.

Rajgira Ragi & Rice Krispies Cereal Mix


2. Mix Veg Poha With One Fruit

Every Indian household has its own way of making poha. It is a humble dish, loved by all. Poha is beaten or flat rice. It is rich in zinc, iron, protein, vitamin B1 and other nutrients, making it a healthy staple for weight loss. If you wish to make it more healthy, then try out millet poha.  

You can cook Bajra or Ragi Poha in the same way as regular poha with chopped vegetables. It is tasty and more nutritious than rice poha. Add a few apple slices or any other fruit to complete the breakfast. 

Bajra Poha


Let’s see another fun way of including millet for weight loss.

3. Millet Upma 

Millet upma is another low-calorie dish that aids in weight loss. You can replace semolina or suji with any of the millets (ragi, bajra, kodo, proso, etc.) as per your preference and cook them just like a regular upma. 

Add different types of vegetables to make it more rich. Millet upma can easily keep you full until lunch hours. It means no unnecessary cravings or snacking is needed. 

Millet Recipes

4. Fruit and Nuts Yogurt Smoothie 

If you like to have something sweet and easy to go to for breakfast, then try consuming yoghurt smoothies. Add one apple or banana, chopped carrots, blanched spinach, a tsp of Flax Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, some dry fruits (soaked almonds, walnuts, resins, figs, etc.), and a cup of yoghurt. Blend everything until smooth and it's ready! 

You can also add oats, millet flakes or sprouted ragi flour to make it more nutritious. Yoghurt smoothies are probiotic-rich and help maintain a healthy gut. They are one of the quickest recipes for weight loss.

Sprouted Ragi Malt


5. Mixed Sambar (1 bowl) and 2 Idlis

Idli sambar is a delicious way to begin your day. It is low in calories, easy on the stomach, and full of nutrition. You can also replace your regular idli with ragi idli. Ragi has tryptophan, which reduces appetite and helps in weight loss

Avoid eating Ghee Karam or Guntur idli to keep it low-calorie. 

6. Besan Chilla (2 cheelas) with Green Garlic Chutney 

Besan chilla is a savoury pancake. It is a simple, low-calorie recipe for weight loss. Besan is made from whole Black Gram, which is rich in protein, iron and other nutrients. It keeps you full for longer. 

Add lots of finely chopped vegetables to add fibre and eat it with green chutney made from coriander, garlic and tomatoes. Together, they work towards weight loss by stimulating the digestive juices and increasing metabolism. 

7. Multigrain Toast or Roti with Peanut Butter 

Another simple low-calorie dish for weight loss is multigrain toast or multigrain chapati with some peanut butter or dry fruit spread of your choice. If you can get organic multigrain bread from a trustworthy bakery, that's good. Else, you can make multigrain flour by mixing two to three grains of flour (whole wheat, ragi, bajra, chana, etc.) and using it to make chapati. 

Peanut Butter


One chapati with a tbsp of Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, or Cashew Butter and fruit is enough to keep you rolling for two hours.    

So, for the seven days of the week, you have seven Indian breakfast options that promote weight loss. There are numerous other Indian weight-loss recipes, especially for millet. Check out the Best Millet Breakfast Recipes to add more millet to your diet.

Let us know, which is the “Best Indian Breakfast For Weight Loss”, that works for you!

FAQs: Best Indian Breakfast For Weight Loss

Which Indian food burns fat?

Leafy greens, lentils, millets, pumpkin, carrots, beetroot, ginger, etc. help reduce fat in the body.

Should I eat breakfast to lose fat?

Yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You can eat low-calorie breakfasts like upma, idli, smoothie, and millet cereals to help you lose weight.

Which meal is best to skip?

It is not ideal to skip a meal. Especially when you are feeling hungry. Avoiding food, eating less food, or eating late all have a negative impact on the body. Skipping meals causes several health issues, like low blood pressure and low blood sugar levels, and can even cause dizziness. Other issues such as headaches, hyperacidity, hypertension, malnourishment, lethargy, and fatigue are also commonly seen in people who skip meals.


Indian breakfast is weight loss friendly, easy to cook and stays longer in your stomach, preventing you from consuming junk food. The seven best Indian breakfasts for weight loss listed in this blog are nutritious and contain low calories

You don’t have to worry about skipping breakfast when running late; you can have smoothies or cereals on the go. On relaxed days, you can treat yourself to variations of millet poha, upma, idli, and besan cheela.

Remember, the weight loss regime should be simple and easy to follow for you. It shouldn’t add stress to your life, because stress contributes to weight gain. So try out these simple Indian breakfasts for weight loss.     

Also, weight loss or weight management requires patience, discipline, and consistency. Eating the right food, in the right amount, at the right time is important to ensure weight loss. Keep yourself hydrated, stay active, and dedicate some time for a workout or brisk walk to quickly see results. 

If you're interested in more healthy and organic food products, check out Two Brothers Organic Farms. All the products are organic, unprocessed, and of high quality. You can buy organic millet cereals, millet flours, organic khapli atta, millet poha, and more for weight loss. 

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