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Pickles - Cravings and crunch unites the world

Pickles - Cravings and crunch unites the world

Pickles, a beloved culinary tradition found in various cultures worldwide, have been tantalising taste buds for centuries. From tangy dill pickles in North America to spicy mango pickles in India, these preserved delights have become an integral part of global cuisine. 

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PICKLES | लोणचं | आचार 

Pickles, a beloved culinary tradition found in various cultures worldwide, have been tantalising taste buds for centuries. From tangy dill pickles in North America to spicy mango pickles in India, these preserved delights have become an integral part of global cuisine. 

The history of pickling can be traced back thousands of years when people discovered the art of preserving food using natural fermentation or vinegar-based methods. Today, pickles continue to be cherished for their vibrant flavours, versatility, and ability to add a delightful punch to any meal.

Pickles delight the pregnant bite 

The taste buds can change dramatically during pregnancy, creating strange desires. Pickles are one of the most popular cravings because of their intense sour flavour and crunchy texture, which offer a welcome break. These briny pleasures provide pregnant women with a special satisfaction, providing a savoury getaway from the hormonal ups and downs of pregnancy, whether they are eaten directly from the jar or added to sandwiches and salads.


In addition to being delectable, pickles offer a range of health benefits. Fermented pickles, such as sauerkraut and kimchi, contain beneficial probiotics that promote gut health and digestion.

The pickling method is known for its potential to aid in weight loss, reduce blood sugar levels, and provide a boost of antioxidants. Moreover, pickles are often low in calories and fat, making them a guilt-free addition to meals and snacks.


The Process which TBOF follows for its loving customers resembles traditional methods our ancestors used to follow. 
  • Get locally sourced fruits/veggies (depending on pickle variety)
    • Wash thoroughly, and chop in small pieces (small batches)

      • Cooked with traditional spice mix in unrefined sesame oil

        • The cooked material is transferred to Bharnis (ceramic jars)


          • Stored for fermentation for about several months (Traditional method)

          • This fermented & rich pickle is packed in jars and delivered with love


              Whether you're a pickle enthusiast or new to the world of pickling, there are endless possibilities to explore. Experiment with different types of pickles, such as brined, vinegar-based, or lacto-fermented varieties.

              Lacto Fermentation is an ancient preservation technique that harnesses the power of beneficial bacteria. In lacto-based pickles, such as kimchi, the vegetables are submerged in a brine solution and left to ferment naturally. During fermentation, lactic acid bacteria convert sugars in the vegetables into lactic acid, creating a tangy and complex flavour profile.

              While both lacto-based and vinegar-based pickles have their merits, lacto-based pickles offer an array of benefits that set them apart. From promoting digestive health and providing rich nutrients to offering a wide range of complex flavours, lacto-based pickles are a versatile and delicious addition to any culinary repertoire.

              Flow-chart for preparation sweet potato lacto-pickle. ALAB = Amylolytic...  | Download Scientific Diagram

              So, why not explore the world of lacto-based pickles and enjoy their unique taste and potential health benefits?


              There are many varieties of Pickles available at TBOF. The raw materials used in these pickles are all natural and locally sourced. All Pickles are made using traditional approaches and methods, followed by small batches for better results.

              homemade pickle, organic, lemon, mango
              • Lemon Pickle - Savour our handmade Lemon Pickle! Made from the finest lemons, it adds a zesty twist to any meal as a condiment or accompaniment. Lemons used here are sourced specially from our organic farms, picked with a lot of care and love. It is one of the most well-known pickles from India, it has a dedicated following with many fond memories of creating the pickle and devouring it in a matter of weeks. The flavour this pickle adds to daily meals is impeccable along with its nutritional benefits. 

              • Spicy Green Chilli Pickle - Introducing our Chilli Pickle, made with farm-grown native spices and fiery green chilies. The spicy variety of green chilly is a clear asset for our pickle range, providing its best taste for our beloved customers. Handmade using unrefined Sesame Oil in traditional ceramic Bharnis. The pickle is a special treat to all the spice lovers out there, considering its flavour-packed heat with soothing taste. It will just elevate your simple cooked dishes like khichadi, rice, etc. 

              • Spicy Amla Pickle - Enjoy the delicious combination of farm-fresh Indian Gooseberries and hand-pounded spices. Fresh Amlas are brough by our organic farmers, cooked well in a traditional spice mix that takes us on the joyful ride of flavours. The pickle is full of Vitamins & Minerals with tangy character taste. Amlas are well known for its medicinal & health benefits, and the pickle form of amlas is just like a cherry on a cake. 

              • Imli Pickle - Our Imli (tamarind) Pickle is made from naturally grown whole tamarind pods, cleaned, deseeded, and cooked with natural jaggery, safflower oil, and a unique spice mix to create a delicious sweet-sour-spicy flavour that complements any Indian meal. Remember the good old days when we used to shoot stones at imli pods to collect them? Imlis are one of our favourite things in life. Putting those memories in a jar with additional tang will preserve them for you.

              • Indian Hog Plum Pickle - Introducing our Hog Plum Pickle, also known as Ambade/Amra Pickle. This limited edition pickle features the highly seasonal and delicious Indian Hog Plums, known as Ambade or Ambazhanga in regional languages. The pickle serves with a special nostalgic characteristic taste. 

              • Raw Mango Pickle - Authentic Maharashtrian 'Khar' pickle: Handmade in small batches using native Gavran Kairi mangoes, wood-pressed sesame oil, stone-ground turmeric. The tangy delight of raw mango pickle evokes a flood of nostalgic emotions, reminiscent of cherished childhood summers and mouthwatering family feasts.

              • Spicy Mango Pickle - An old family recipe, made exclusively using local Maharashtrian mangoes of the native variety Gavran Kairi. Mohri Dal (split mustard seeds), Black Pepper, and traditional spices. The fiery kick of spicy mango pickle ignites a thrilling blend of emotions, from exhilaration to a hint of daring, leaving taste buds ablaze with satisfaction.

              There are many products for our beloved customers available at our websites, do read more to understand our mission and help us create a sustainable food journey.

              Here is the link to our special pickle range made for you -

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