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A2 Cow Cultured Ghee, Desi Gir Cow
Sale price₹1,750 Regular price₹1,900
Khapli Wheat Flour (Emmer Wheat Flour) Atta Stone Ground
Sale price₹2,088 Regular price₹2,198
Full Moon Cultured Ghee, Desi Gir Cow
Sale price₹1,049
Sprouted Ragi Malt - Nachni Satva 500g
Sale price₹375
Khapli Wheat Grains (Emmer Wheat Grain) - 5kg
Sale price₹899
Foxtail Millets
Sale price₹170
Nachni Laddoo
Sale price₹379
Little Millet
Sale price₹180
Stony Ambemohar Rice, Unpolished
Sale price₹1,282 Regular price₹1,350
Barnyard Millet
Sale price₹200
Buffalo Ghee - A2 Cultured
Sale price₹999
Kodo Millet
Sale price₹180
Raw Cashew Nuts
Sale price₹399
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Indrayani Rice 1kg (unpolished)Indrayani Rice 1kg (unpolished)
Indrayani Rice 1kg (unpolished)
Sale price₹209
Njavara/Navara Red Rice, Unpolished
Sale price₹1,757 Regular price₹1,850
Brahmi Ghee, A2 Cultured 250g
Sale price₹2,499
Indrayani Rice (Single Polished)
Sale price₹199
Black Beans
Sale price₹180
Ashwagandha Ghee, A2 Cultured 250g
Sale price₹2,499
Black rice
Sale price₹1,657 Regular price₹1,745
Brown Top Millet
Sale price₹319
Shatavari Ghee, A2 Cultured 250g
Sale price₹2,499
Ragi Almond Crunchy Cereal Mix 350g
Sale price₹510
Turmeric Ghee
Sale price₹2,499
Arjun Ghee
Sale price₹2,499
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