Can Organic Almond Butter Help You Reduce Weight? Is it Right to Eat Almond Butter Daily?


Are you wondering if the thick, supposedly fat-rich, and calorie-high almond butter helps you reduce weight? We say yes! You are probably squinting as you read this, but we are about to tell you that the creamy, delicious, and almost sinful almond butter in the jar lying in your pantry can help you do this.

We know that almonds are incredibly healthy; they’re a rich and nutrient-dense food that is great to score on solid health, good memory, and a sharp mind, but reducing weight? Does that sound far-fetched to you? Well then, read on to find out how almond butter can help in weight loss.

Almond butter for weight loss

Almonds belong to the category of nuts traditionally associated with building a strong body and gaining healthy weight as they are generally high in calories and rich in fats and many other essential nutrients. They have rarely been seen as a weight-loss food, but several studies in recent years show that nuts and especially nut butters can also help lose weight when consumed in the right quantities. 

Among these nut-butters, Organic Almond Butter with jaggery is a prime candidate. Almond butter’s USP here is that it is one of the rare foods that can satisfy your taste buds, keep your stomach full and aid you in losing weight. Science agrees. Let’s break it down for you element by element:

Good fats

Fats are commonly associated with weight gain, and it’s true that if consumed in larger quantities than recommended, fats can quickly lead to weight gain, heart trouble, and several other issues. Fats have a bad reputation for this reason, but they are an essential part of a balanced diet and necessary for running several vital functions in our body. Therefore they cannot be left out of our diet. However, consuming the right kind of fat can help avoid negative health issues. 

Almond butter sold in India is particularly rich in fats and contains about 16 grams per standard serving size ( 2 tablespoons). That is a good amount of fat, but it’s also mostly a good quality of fat. The fat content found in almond butter comprises Mono-unsaturated Fats or MUFAs, which are a good fat type and healthier than other fats such as saturated fats. So, if you are consuming almond butter, you are filling up your diet’s daily recommended fat with the healthy MUFAs. Almond butter is a preferred choice in diets such as keto for this reason.

High Protein content

Almond butter is also high in protein, which is essential for repairing and building muscles in the body. The standard serving size of almond butter contains approximately 7 grams of protein. This can boost your energy levels and help with the buildup of muscle mass and boost your metabolism, which is an essential prerequisite in effective weight loss. The Vitamin E, magnesium, and essential fatty acids in organic almond butter also aid in building metabolism that can help you lose weight.

Essential Fibre

Gut health is vital for overall health – for the absorption of nutrients, building immunity, and weight management. Almond butter is rich in fiber that helps maintain gut health and support a healthy digestive function.

Also, thanks to the fiber content, almond butter acts as a great filler food that quickly fills your tummy, keeps you feeling full for longer, and reduces cravings. This helps avoid hunger pangs during the day and unnecessary snacking. 


Almond butter is also rich in pre-biotic, a crucial fiber for the sustenance and growth of healthy bacteria in the stomach. They work hand in hand with the more popular pre-biotic to keep a healthy ecosystem and gut microbiome.

No food can magically help you shed weight; it works in a certain way to assist your body to burn more calories and lose weight. Almond butter works wonderfully to enhance your body’s metabolism and pave the way to effective weight loss. However, this is still subject to consumption in appropriate quantities and goes without saying exercise and overall healthy diet and lifestyle.

So, Is it healthy to eat almond butter daily?

Nuts are incredibly healthy, but few of them can be consumed daily because they are high in calories and contain certain compounds that make them difficult to digest. They are usually taken in small moderated quantities intermittently or in certain seasons only. Thankfully, almonds are one of those that can be eaten daily. Eating a fistful of almonds every day all around the year is considered a healthy habit and good for overall health.

So does this mean you can eat almond butter daily, you ask? Of course. And if you are getting all the health benefits along with a delicious buttery taste, then why not! In fact, for the objective of aiding your weight-loss mission, you should eat almond butter daily – but in the right amounts.

How much to eat?

If you wish to lose weight, not overdoing almond butter is essential as that may lead to weight gain, so it’s best to practice portion control and not eat more than recommended. Consuming up to 2 tablespoons of almond butter every day is considered healthy.

Another thing to take care of is avoiding almond butter that comes with many added sugars and preservatives, as that can negate the benefits. Go for organic almond butter that contains no added sugars or preservatives to get only the good things and none of the bad ones.

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