Know-How Organic Farming Boosts Human Health And The Environment!

Know-How Organic Farming Boosts Human Health And The Environment!

Organic farming is an agricultural system in which pest control is based on biological means and fertilizers are derived from animal and plant wastes and nitrogen-fixing cover crops. Traditional agriculture uses chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, which cause environmental harm and have numerous ecological disadvantages. Modern organic farming has been developed as a response to these harmful practices.

Plants and animals are raised naturally in organic farming. By using biological substances in place of synthetics, this process keeps soil fertility and ecological stability. When cultivating and nurturing crops, organic farming prevents the usage of supplemental fertilizers and pesticides. Furthermore, genetically altered organisms are not allowed.

Many brands and organizations like Two Brothers Organic Farms have been promoting organic farming among the youth. Let us know more about it in detail.

Factors Contributing to Organic Farming

  • Promoting biological activity and protecting soil quality by using organic materials
  • Using soil microorganisms to provide crop nutrients in an indirect manner
  • In legume-rich soils, nitrogen fixation occurs.
  • The use of techniques such as crop rotation, biological diversity, natural predators, organic manure, and appropriate chemical, thermal, and biological interventions is essential to controlling weeds and pests.
  • Breeding, rehousing, providing nutrition, and caring for livestock.
  • Conservation of natural habitats and wildlife and care for the larger environment

We can make dietary choices, but organic food is always the best choice. To accomplish this, organic farming methods must be embraced. 

The following are reasons why we should switch to organic farming:


Better Nutrition

Organically grown food contains a much higher concentration of nutrients than conventionally grown food. An item's nutritional value depends on the minerals and vitamins that it contains.

Compared to conventional foods, organic foods contain more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Sustainable farming practices are used to manage and nourish organic farms. Many studies conducted in the past have examined crops from organic and conventional farms.

Chemical-free food

Organic food does not contain any chemicals. Like commercial agriculture, organic farming doesn't use any chemicals during the growing process. Hence, the food is healthier. The farming methods used by brands such as Two Brothers India Shop are natural and do not harm human or environmental health. Diabetes and cancer can be prevented by eating these foods.

Organic farming does not use toxins, pesticides, or weedicides. Researchers have revealed that a large segment of the population food-processed with toxic substances has fallen prey to diseases like cancer. This reduces sickness and disease associated with these toxins since organic farming avoids them.

Organic Foods Are More Authentic

For any product to qualify as organic food, it must undergo quality checks and thoroughly examine its manufacturing process. The procedure is the same for the international markets. This is a great outcome for consumers as they are getting high-quality organic foods. These quality checks and investigations eliminate fraudsters who want to benefit from the organic food label by delivering commercially produced foods instead.

A better taste

Taste is another factor that determines the quality of food. Foods grown organically tend to taste better than non-organic foods. Organically grown fruits and vegetables are sweeter than their conventionally grown counterparts.

Those who have tasted organically grown foods can attest to their natural and superior taste. From well-balanced and fertile soil comes the natural taste and superior flavor. A farmer who grows organically is always focused on quality over quantity.

More environmentally friendly and longer shelf life

As a result of chemical applications on commercial farms, soil and nearby water sources are severely contaminated. Both animals and plants feel the effects of this phenomenon. These harsh chemicals are not used in organic farming, so the environment remains protected.

Conventional crops have a weaker cellular structure in comparison to organic plants. Organic foods can be stored for longer periods with this method. The advantages of organic farming include:

  • A non-toxic approach to combating pests and weeds.
  • A lower input cost for cultivation.
  • The protection of ecological balance and the environment.

Supporting Traditional Farming

There were no health problems associated with food in India traditionally due to organic farming. Today, modern farming involves the use of pesticides and chemicals. The switch to organic farming is good for our health, but it supports the traditional farming practices of India that use natural waste from cattle.


Organic food is not expensive. As crops need no expensive pesticides, chemicals, or machines to be cultivated, it is not that pricey. You can be assured that you will have a cost-effective future if you purchase organic food. In recent years, most governments have provided substantial subsidies and tax reductions to conventional farming. As a result, there has been an increase in diseases such as cancer-associated with commercially produced foods.

Conserving agricultural diversity

Extinct species are commonly heard about these days, and they should be a major concern. In the last century alone, it is estimated that 75% of the diversity of agricultural crops has disappeared. In the future, slanting our agriculture toward one form will only lead to disaster. For a sustainable future, we must use organic farming methods that produce pest and disease-resistant crops.

Preventing the consumption of chemicals

Dangerous substances can contaminate commercial dairy and meat. As poultry, meat, eggs, fish, and dairy products are among the most common sources of pesticides in the food chain, populations consume most pesticides.

Chemicals and toxins are added to the food they eat. Therefore, meat and dairy products are contaminated by drugs, antibiotics, and growth hormones that are injected into the animals. Fertilized fish, beef, and dairy products are often supplemented with hormones. In addition to causing genetic problems and cancer risk, these chemicals also cause the growth of tumors and other complications at the beginning of puberty.



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