Lemongrass Dry Ginger Tea Mix
Lemongrass Dry Ginger Tea Mix

Lemongrass Dry Ginger Tea Mix

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A mix of Naturally Dried Lemongrass and Dry Ginger flakes (Soonth / Saunth / Sukku) for tea and natural care for bloating and indigestion



Lemongrass leaves are a storehouse of aromatic oils that have a calming effect. These lemongrass leaves are naturally dried and can be brewed to make a fragrant, soothing tea. 

Dry Ginger (soonth/ sukku /chukku) is easier to digest as compared to fresh ginger and aids bowel movements. This mix can be added to a cup of hot masala chai or can be brewed to make infused tea as a natural remedy for bloating, abdominal cramps, flu etc.



Lemongrass Leaves (80%) and Dry Ginger Soonth flakes (20%)

How to Brew?

Pour 1 cup (150 ml) hot water, boiled water on 1 tspn of the Lemongrass Dry Ginger Mix and let it steep for 2-3 minutes. Do not add the lemongrass mix into boiling water on a stove.