Mango Pulp 500g
Mango Pulp 500g

Mango Pulp 500g

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Naturally ripened Mango Pulp is extracted using a Pulp extractor and cooked at 90-100 degrees for an hour; stirring continuously to achieve a thick consistency. The cooked pulp is then packed in sterile food grade foil packs. The containers are further heated in boiling water for an hour. Does not contain any added sweeteners, preservatives, synthetic colours or essence.


Can be had as is or with hot fried puris. Can be used to make mango lassi, cooler, milk shakes, ice cream, desserts, barfi, aamrakhand, fruit custard, cakes etc.



Mango Pulp 


Refrigerate after opening and consume within 15 days. Refrigeration required once opened.

Shelf life - 1 year before opening